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GBRI Climate Change Ambassador Program: Empowering Minds, Inspiring Change

Start your journey today to become a GBRI CERTIFIED Climate Change Ambassador and share your digital badge with your professional network.

Climate change affects not just our planet but also the fabric of our society—altering everything from individual well-being to ecosystem health. Taking action starts with gaining comprehensive knowledge.

Introducing GBRI’s Climate Change Ambassador Program, designed with a tiered-badging system that encourages continuous learning and action. Whether you’re an absolute beginner or a committed environmental advocate, this program offers a curated set of resources to elevate your understanding and enable you to act as a true ambassador for the planet.

How it Works?

The program operates on a self-paced, four-tiered system

Level Zero

For the curious and uninitiated. Earn this badge by simply watching our kick-starter webinar from 2022 that provides an overview of the Climate Change Ambassador Program and why it matters.
Direction Arrows

Warrior Level

Ideal for beginners, focusing on the fundamentals of climate change.
Direction Arrows

Champion Level

Geared towards those familiar with the basics but looking to deepen their understanding
Direction Arrows

Ambassador Level

Tailored for those committed to driving change at a community or organizational level.

Each level beyond Zero features a collection of courses, articles, and actionable exercises. As you complete these components, you’ll earn points and a certificate of completion for each individual action. Successfully complete all components within a level to earn a specialized climate change badge—Warrior, Champion, or Ambassador—that validates your commitment and knowledge.

Join our 7,14- and 21-day challenge.

The program also offers 7, 14, or 21-day challenges that provide a structured yet flexible approach to deepen your climate change understanding while adopting sustainable behaviors. These challenges serve as milestones and create a sense of achievement, making your journey towards sustainability both enriching and measurable.

Watch our webinar ‘Climate Change and You’ to earn your Climate Change Trailblazer badge. This initial step paves the way towards your journey to becoming a GBRI Certified Climate Change Ambassador.

Completing 'Climate Change and You - Is it end game now' serves as an enlightening first step on your journey towards becoming a GBRI Certified Climate Change Ambassador. This course has exposed you to the urgency of acting now and has touched upon critical intersections of climate change with energy, healthcare, the built environment, vulnerable populations, and biodiversity. The knowledge you've gained is both a tool and a responsibility. Now, equipped with this foundational understanding, you're ready to dive deeper. Take the next step by signing up for GBRI's Climate Change Ambassador Program and continue to empower yourself and your community with actionable, meaningful ways to combat climate change.
Ready to Take the Next Step? Become a GBRI Climate Change Ambassador Today!

Did you complete Level 1 ?

Congratulations on completing this robust set of courses and broadening your knowledge on various facets of climate change. As you stand at this milestone, we invite you to pause and reflect on what you’ve learned. Take a moment to share your badge on social media with the hashtag #GBRIClimateAmbassador, showcasing your commitment to sustainable living. We also encourage you to visit our Meaningful Action page to share a short paragraph on your most significant takeaway from this level. Your insights will not only reinforce your own understanding but could also inspire others to embark on this journey towards a more sustainable future. With this badge in your repertoire, you are now one step closer to becoming a GBRI Certified Climate Change Ambassador. Are you ready to continue the quest? The next level awaits you with more intriguing courses and meaningful actions to explore!

Climate Change Leaderboard

# Avatar Name badges Climate Change Points
1 nandhinee-vkcaad-ac-in 5 1370
2 Abhilash Pusapally 5 1100
3 Revathi Sreekumar 4 1070
4 Naveen Djegadissane 4 1070
5 Ateet Singh 4 1040
6 Samyukta Vijay 4 1030
7 XAVIER 5 970
8 Mohamed Fendi 5 940
9 nehro.ali 2 930
10 Meera Mohan 4 920
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