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The Journey of Your Waste: Is it Sustainable?

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The system that your waste will undergo within the next few days is a complicated system that depends on local and federal laws. It might get sorted, it might be melted, and some of it could cross the entire globe. What is certain is that as personal wealth and consumption increases, so does the amount of trash we put out, producing an unsustainable amount of pollution and a strain on natural resources.

In this article, we will look at different types of waste we produce and analyze the processes currently employed to process it. We will analyze and learn from waste management practices employed by companies like Walmart and Microsoft, countries like Sweden, and an individual like Bea Johnson.

What you will learn

  1. Identify different types of waste we produce
  2. Understand the magnitude of waste generated
  3. Follow the journey of our waste
  4. Identify and analyze different types of waste management processes
  5. Analyze and learn from examples employed by companies like Walmart and Microsoft, countries like Sweden, and an individual like Bea Johnson

Reflection Question: What changes can you make in your waste management habits to make your 'waste journey' more sustainable?
Meaningful Action: Conduct a waste audit at home and identify one item you can recycle or compost instead of sending to a landfill.


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