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Level 0 – Climate Change Trailblazer

Level 0 – Climate Change Trailblazer

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Welcome to the starting point of your climate change journey! The Trailblazer Badge is designed as an entry-level introduction that sets the stage for the subsequent challenges. Complete any one of the courses or activities in this level to earn your Trailblazer Badge. This badge is not just a symbol of your growing knowledge but also a steppingstone towards becoming a Climate Change Ambassador.
As a Climate Change Trailblazer, we encourage you to take the initiative one step further by hosting “Climate Change and You” session in your classroom or office as a “Lunch and Learn” event. If you require the presentation slides to facilitate the discussion, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us. We strongly encourage all participants to complete the quiz in order to earn their own Trailblazer badge, just as you have.

Key Takeaways: What are the three (3) most significant points you learned from today’s course?
Personal Relevance: How does today’s topic impact you, your community, or the planet?

Immediate, Short-term, and Long-term Actions
Immediate Action: Share an important fact or insight from today’s course on social media and tag us to help spread the word.
Short-term Action: Encourage at least three friends or family members to enroll in this free course within a week.
Long-term Action: Commit to an ongoing action, such as reducing energy consumption in your household, and share your progress to inspire others.


Meaningful Actions
Community Impact: Engage with your local community to enact change (e.g.,organize a local clean-up).
Policy Advocacy: Advocate for policy changes at a local or national level (e.g.,write to your local representative).
Educate Others: Use your newfound knowledge to educate others. Consider posting your reflections and progress on the GBRI course page to inspire others.

Completing the courses at this level marks a significant first step in your journey to become a GBRI Certified Climate Change Ambassador. These courses have not only highlighted the immediacy of climate action but also delved into how climate change intersects with vital areas such as energy, healthcare, the built environment, vulnerable populations, and biodiversity. The knowledge you’ve gained is both a tool and a responsibility. Take the next step by signing up for GBRI’s Climate Change Ambassador Program and continue to empower yourself and your community with actionable, meaningful ways to combat climate change.


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