Let’s join hands not only to build a greener world but also a equitable one.

At GBRI, we believe that education and knowledge just at the hands of one person are not enough. The recent past has shown us that to see real change in this world, we need all our minds to come together and work towards the things that truly make a difference. Thousands of years of ideas, innovation, and action have led humankind to where we are today, and we wouldn’t have got here alone. And it is this true sense of collaboration and far-sightedness that will take us to the distant future.

For students, academics, or professionals of sustainability, the GBRI Community is a wonderful way to invite countless thinkers and innovators from all cultures, races, and walks of life to work together. As an organization and a community, we firmly believe a truly sustainable future must also be an equitable one where every human is treated equally and fairly irrespective of color, shape, gender, religion, political belief, or nationality—and our community is a hub for empowering all its members to learn beyond the borders and boundaries of convention.

Please Note: We have listed our article courses as a flipbooks on this page for those interested in auditing the course/lesson. If you need to report this course for Continuing Education (CE) or need a certificate, please enroll in the course or get a Platinum membership and access all our courses at your leisure. Enrolled students must take and pass the short quiz in order to earn CE credits. In addition, this course needs to be self-reported. Self-reporting information will be accessible once you complete the Quiz.

Frequently asked questions


How can I earn CE credits for an article?

To earn CE credits from an article you will need to receive a passing score on a short CE quiz. You will be issued a certificate of completion and provided the information needed to self-report your CE credit immediately after passing the quiz. To access the quiz you will need to make sure you have enrolled in the article.

How do I enroll in an article?

To enroll in an article you can register for an article individually ($19.99 per article) or with a platinum membership

How do I self-report the CE credits earned from an article?

All the information needed to self-report your CE credits is provided to you immediately after passing the short CE quiz. You will enter that information on your USGBC and/or AIA reporting pages.

What if I just want to read the article?

We have listed our articles on this page for those interested in auditing the course/lesson. 

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