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The World’s Fair in Dubai: Iconic Buildings and Structures

The World’s Fair In Dubai: Connecting Minds And Creating The Future Through Sustainability, Mobility, And Opportunity

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The World’s Fair has been a way of telling a story through architecture, planning and experience. More than a century-and-a-half of World Expos have displayed life-changing inventions and cultural treasures. The first World Expo, held in 1851 at the Crystal Palace in London, exhibited what a world that embraced science and technology could look like. A record 192 countries are represented at the world’s fair in Dubai as compared to 139 at the previous World Expo in Milan. Every participating country will have its own pavilion for the first time and one can view the expo virtually as well from the comfort of their homes. Join us as GBRI International Sustainability Program (ISP) – graduate and Sustainability Ambassador Nandana Sobhanan explores the world’s fair in Dubai with her friend Anagha Ajith. This article course is part 1 of GBRI’s course on the World’s Fair in Dubai.

After completing this session, Part 2 of the Dubai World Fair series is also available on the USGBC education platform.

What you will learn

  1. Explore the World’s Fair in Dubai and its salient sustainability features through media inserts within the article.
  2. Learn more about the new innovations showcased at the World’s Fair in Dubai.
  3. Explore the site layout of the World’s Fair and how it ties into the traditional marketplace “souk”.
  4. Learn more about how the world’s fair in Dubai will be transformed into a new city called District 2020 after the expo is over.
  5. Identify and understand the expo theme of connecting minds and creating the future through sustainability, mobility and opportunity.
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