Energy Modeling

Energy Modeling

Energy Modeling Training from Industry Experts

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Learn only from top experts! GBRI is proud to announce its partnership with to bring you high-quality training on Energy Modeling. Be ranked among the elite, as part of the next big thing for Architects, Engineers, Sustainability Consultants and other building professionals. Get noticed by building the desired energy modeling skill set needed to land that dream job or promotion, or master it as you lead your LEED project. From general energy modeling intros to in-depth LEED models, we’ll take care of you! Register now and soon you, too, will be hot in demand!

14 Things You Need to Know about Energy Modeling

1 FREE GBCI/AIA CE Hour available now. Hear the top 14 things you need to know (including the break down of energy modeling misconceptions) while earning CE.

Mastering eQUEST in 7 Days

Extensive eQUEST training package includes the how to’s of basic wizards through advanced functions including step by step demo’s within the popular eQUEST software.

LEED Case Studies

LEED Case Studies feature energy modeling software, uses and techniques giving you insight into how modeling is utilized on live projects.