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The start of a greener life begins in your home

Green homes have grown in popularity over the years because of their efficiency. From energy-efficient homes to water-efficient homes, your green home pays off in the long run, making it the perfect investment for years to come. 

Get serious about greening your home. It offers many benefits and is a goal you should strive to achieve this year. After all, you will end up checking off a ton of your New Year’s resolutions by creating a greener home. That’s because a green home means saving money, cutting down your carbon footprint, and improving your health. If you want to dive deeper into the world of green home renovations, check out GBRI’s ROOTs of a Greener Home e-book. Don’t own a home and still would like to reduce your footprint? Check out our articles on minimalism and tiny homes.


Filled with practical information, suggestions, and basic how-to’s for greening your lifestyle and home, The Roots of a Greener Home will help you take manageable steps towards sustainability. And the small steps you take can accumulate into big changes for the entire world.

The Roots of a Greener Home describes more than 150 projects and practices, like this one that will help you “green” your home, your surroundings, and your lifestyle. The book is divided into four main sections: Home and Garden, Home Improvements, Home Savings, and Home and Lifestyle. Each of these sections is then further divided into categories that address the components of the home from roof to floor and everything in between, including landscaping, lighting, water conservation practices, energy savings, cleaning, health and nutrition, transportation, and home audits that can lower the consumption of natural resources.

Tiny Homes

Within the past six years, Tiny Homes and sustainability have been steadily growing in popularity, due to internet and TV fame. People no longer dream of living in mansions, and instead are enchanted with the allure of small spaces and their low price tags. Coupled with the minimalism and sustainability movements, these tiny home enthusiasts choose to build their own homes and reduce their footprint, as well as declutter their lives to achieve a stronger sense of happiness and freedom. Learn about Tiny Homes, sustainability and its advantages and disadvantages  to determine whether the lifestyle would fit you. Perhaps you’ll end up joining in on the movement.

Tiny Homes — Is it for You?
Getting Started with Minimalism


Minimalism and sustainability has been surging in popularity within the past ten years. It gathers followers and critics alike. This lifestyle trend prioritizes living intentionally and surrounding yourself with things you love. Minimalism is a theory based on valuing experiences rather than things. There are many misconceptions about the movement. Also about how many items you can own. But in reality, it is unique and personalized to every individual. In this article about minimalism and sustainability, you’ll learn about the benefits of minimalism and who can gain the most from it.

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