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The mock exam is easy to use and will gauge your knowledge of the LEED Green Associate Material. The questions are of high quality and the system is simple to use. You only have two attempts at each questions, so be prepared. All and all this is a worth while tool for an individual preparing for their LEED GA. Good Luck!
Vickie Breemes
LEED AP BD+C / Little
This course is great for those who have no WELL experience as well as those with significant WELL experience as it covers the entire WELL Building Standard in plain language with case studies and examples that assist you in comprehending the preconditions and optimizations. I would certainly recommend this course to those new to WELL, aspiring WELL APs, current WELL APs, and seasoned WELL APs.
Larry Eichel
One of the best courses out there that looks into each feature of the WELL Building Standard in-depth which proved very useful for me during my WELL AP Exam Prep.
Priscilla Jane Joseph
LEED Green Associate / AECOM
Wow! I have reviewed and taken over 20 courses by now and I have to say that this course really surprised me. It is a new way of learning. While listening to tips on memory techniques I actually learned topics of the WELL exam without noticing it. To be honest I was not 100% concentrating on the course however I could pass the quiz which tests you on WELL topics and not on the tips. Very WELL done! I highly recommend this course to everybody who thinks of taking the WELL exam.
Johanna Truestedt
LEED AP BD+C / M Moser Associates
Amazing course! Thank you for the information and excellent way to explain. Regards!
Eduardo Ortiz
LEED AP BD+C / Revitaliza Consultores
Clear and precise presentation of all of the terminology you will need to know to take a LEED v4 exam
Melissa Olson
LEED AP / M+A Architects
Very nice course, consistent and inspiring. The content contributes to the achievement of the learning objectives, being current, reliable, accurate, and relevant. Very nicely presented, not only in content but with engaging visuals that support the learning. Great data on scientific research and financial benefits.
Daniela Karina Corcuera
LEED AP BD+C / Quanta Studio
Interesting material that is a fun departure from my typical course types to maintain my LEED credential.
Donald Cartwright
LEED AP BD+C / TranSystems
Loved it! Very inspiring and easy to watch. Looking forward to part 2.
James Scott Edwards
LEED AP ID+C / GPDM For Sustainability
There is a ton of really great information in this presentation and the presenter is clearly very passionate about the subject matter, which always makes it easier to pay attention!
Ceile Marsh Callahan
LEED AP ID+C / Hoppstetter's - Office Solutions
I honestly didn't expect this article to be nearly as interesting as it turned out to be. I wasn't sure I'd make it to the very end but was engaged the entire time. I don't closely follow tech/science but have taken note of several sources used in this article for future further reading on the topic. I didn't realize this was so relevant to our industry!
Alex T
Great course, very informative and thought provoking.
Meaghan Halligan
This is an extremely interesting series full of great evidence-based design strategies. Thoroughly enjoyed. Thanks!
Jamie Stephens
More courses like this -- interesting for our field and life in general!
Sarah Fischer
I have to get CE's for my LEED GA but this may be the first course that applies to me personally. Loved it!
Lisa Krumwiede
LEED Green Associate / Liberty Property Trust
It is good information in terms of highly related with our daily life. and it gave wide range of information from basic explanation to detail and technical information to make us understand step by step in depth.
Yujin Lee
LEED AP BD+C / Perkins Eastman
This is a straightforward course - the reading is good for people who are just beginning to think of ways in which demand for electricity can be reduced.
Alex Nothnagel
Captivating voice, very pleasant to listen too. Well organized course
Sanja Hadrovic
This course is meticulously designed for LEED starter by capturing all LEED requirements. Nice one..
LEED AP BD+C / Johnson Controls
I like the format and how it simply explains the basic concepts and theories of solar power. The energy reports are also very useful to understand the future of renewable energy types. Great work guys!
Dennis Randy Ranada
Johnson Controls
Good Course ! Great amount of information in a very simple way ! Good work ! Wish to see more courses from this team ! Keep it up !
Abhishek Khanna
LEED Green Associate / AECOM
Well done! As I begin my journey into sustainable building knowledge, this was a very good first step. A lot of knowledge, easily laid out and surprisingly I actually remembered everything!
Tim Todd
Material Handler
I passed my LEED O+M examination 12 august 2017.only use this material . Thanks
“Excellent course and material. Very informative and enlightening.”
Danny L. Haughn
“Wonderful training session, comprehensive, very well explained and organized/”
Flavia Bisi
“Very comprehensive and well compiled course.”
Rajat Shanker
“Really well presented, both audibly and visually.”
Richard Dudley
“Well explain, very good audio and graphics.”
Carlos R Rodriguez Figueroa
“Informative course. Speaker is easy to understand and listen to.”
Mary Alexander
“These slides and real world examples were engaging.” –
Kelley McCrudden
“Lots of info-well presented” –
James Douglas Hunter
“Clear and engaging presentation.”
Brandy Wilson
“Great course!”
Jon Trevor Elliott
“Great slides. Huge amount of content.”
Jacob Wahler
Mary O’Looney
Thanks so much for this very useful continuing education!
Paul Purser
The contents and materials are well structured, precise, and excellently delivered. I would recommend GBRI
Elizabeth Kertzs

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