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The complete WELL AP Exam Preparation Program

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The Pursuit of Well-Being and Sustainable Human Environments is a Global Imperative

The worldwide shift towards wellness and sustainability isn’t just a phase—it’s a long-term commitment affecting how we design and interact with the spaces we occupy. As a testament to its significance, the global health and wellness industry is a staggering 4.2 trillion-dollar market. This reflects a growing demand for spaces that not only protect the environment but also enhance human health.

Becoming a WELL Accredited Professional (WELL AP) places you at the cusp of this transformative and booming initiative.

Welcome to GBRI’s All-Inclusive WELL v2 AP Exam Preparation Program

Designed to streamline your journey to becoming a WELL AP, this program is your all-in-one resource. Just like with our LEED package, you don’t need any other materials to prepare for your WELL AP Exam. Your pathway to a fulfilling career in the wellness and sustainability sector begins here.

Choose the learning style that suits you best: complete the program at your own pace in just 5 weeks with our on-demand modules or engage in our structured 6-week online live sessions.

Learning Objectives

WELL Core Concepts Mastery
Acquire an in-depth understanding of the 12 knowledge domains critical to WELL AP certification—Air, Water, Nourishment, WELL Certification, Innovation, Sound, Materials, Mind, Community, Movement, Light, and Thermal Comfort.
Understanding WELL Requirements:
Learn the intricacies of each WELL domain, empowering you to proficiently handle WELL project documentation and certification processes.
Project Scenario Proficiency
Our program includes scenario-based questions similar to those on the WELL AP exam, equipping you with the skills to approach real-world project scenarios with confidence.
Live Project Application
The curriculum incorporates a live project to illuminate WELL concepts, making the learning experience practical and directly applicable to real-world situations.
Exam Strategy Training
Develop efficient strategies for exam-taking, including time management, question analysis, and elimination techniques, to optimize your performance during the WELL AP exam.
Comprehensive Preparation
Utilize GBRI's flexible roadmap, designed for either a quick 5-week on-demand course or a structured 6-week live online session, aligning your preparation with the WELL AP exam’s content and format.

How it all works together:

We’ve crafted a comprehensive study roadmap to guide your WELL AP exam preparation. By following a clear and systematic approach, you can effectively tailor your study habits to your personal needs. Choose the learning style that suits you best: complete the program at your own pace in just 5 weeks with our on-demand modules or engage in our structured 6-week online live sessions.

Weekly Plan

Each week, we recommend 2-3 online modules, supplemented with handouts. Quizzes follow each section to test your understanding.

Take notes using your section handouts while you watch the modules. You can also follow along in your study guide as you view the module or review the corresponding study guide sections after watching the module. 

Final Preparation
After completing all modules, quizzes, and reviews, take the mock exams to gauge your mastery and identify areas for final review.

What you have access to:

Self-Paced Online Modules
Accessible 24/7 in your portal, these 12 modules offer 11 total hours of education covering the entire WELL v2 Building Standard, WELL LEED knowledge domains.
Highlighted WELL Building Standard
Focus on what matters most, saving you time and boosting your exam preparedness. This printable guide complements the online modules, enhancing your understanding as you progress.
WhatsApp Study Group - 400+ Practice Questions for Each Module
Test your knowledge with section quizzes after each module.
3 Mock Exams
These exam simulations help you gauge readiness and identify areas for review.

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