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The effects of climate change are closer to home now than ever and so we must act to mitigate climate change. As more and more projects are going green, bigger grows the demand for qualified sustainability and green professionals.

For a truly sustainable and equitable world, we must empower our workforce to create positive, meaningful changes in our daily professional and personal lives. The role infrastructure and buildings play in all of this cannot be ignored and the design of new green buildings and optimizing existing buildings will undoubtedly create more jobs. But are students and professionals prepared to meet this demand?

This is where GBRI workforce training will help to bridge the gap between academic learning and industry expectations. 

This page lists all our workforce training components, expected duration, and suggested number of students per batch. We work with colleges, corporates, and community organizations to deliver our workforce training.

Green Building Associate

Sustainability and Green Building Associate is ideal for students and adults who are also interested in earning the USGBC LEED Green Associate Credential. Based on their schedule, students may attend a 1-day in-person training or 4-week instructor-led live exam prep sessions or utilize self-paced online on-demand exam prep modules. GBRI LEED Green Associate Exam Prep includes a study guide, 5 LEED Green Associate practice exams simulated like the actual exam, flash cards, memory charts, and section wise quiz questions. The training program will utilize a hybrid approach (in-person, online live, and online on-demand) in teaching the content. LEED Green Associate (GA) is the first step in establishing yourself as a serious green building professional whether you’re a student, recent graduate, or a professional.

Duration: 30 hours total with a suggested roadmap of 4–7 weeks

Delivery Format—Hybrid (One Day in-Person, Online Live, and On-Demand)

Expected Number of Students:  50 per batch for a total of 200

By the conclusion of this training program, students will be able to achieve:
  • Strong foundational knowledge in sustainability, green buildings, climate change, and clean energy
  • Fundamental knowledge of sustainability initiatives, net zero buildings, and green building rating systems 
  • Ability to pass the USGBC LEED Green Associate Exam
  • Earn 15 AIA Learning Units
  • Earn GBRI’s International Sustainability & Green Building Associate Certificate, and badge
  • Earn GBRI Climate Change Warrior and Champion Certificate, and badge
  • Eligibility for next level

Green Building Professional

Sustainability & Green Building Professional is ideal for students who have completed Training 1 and 2. This technical training will be developed using GPRO and the LEED rating system as it relates to building design and construction and existing building operations and maintenance. Students may choose between 2 paths: Building Design and Construction (LEED BD+C) or Existing Building Operations and Maintenance (LEED O+M). The training program will utilize a hybrid approach (in-person, online live, and online on-demand) in teaching the content. In addition to core sustainability topics, students will be encouraged to present on research topics they are interested in. Weekly online meetings with students will also include soft skills training, resume building, and training on public speaking.

Duration: 40 hours total with a suggested roadmap of 7–10 weeks

Delivery Format—Hybrid (2 Days in-Person, Online Live, and On-Demand)

Expected Number of Students:  35 per batch for a total of 140

By the conclusion of this training program, students will have:

  • Strong understanding of sustainability concepts as it relates to buildings
  • Strong understanding of energy-efficient heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) and water heating, building electrification, building envelope-insulation and fenestration, energy-efficient lighting and controls, and renewable energy systems
  • Strong understanding of Existing Building Retrofit using LEED Operations & Maintenance and GPRO
  • Ability to earn the LEED AP credential in Building Design or Operations & Maintenance
  • Earn 30 AIA Learning Units
  • Earn GBRI’s International Sustainability & Green Building Professional Certificate 
  • Earn GBRI Climate Change Ambassador Certificate
  • Eligibility for next level

Green Project Management using LEED BD+C


Get All Your CE Hours for your LEED, AIA and WELL Credential in One Place, with more than 250 courses to choose from!

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Once you login to your GBRI account, click My Courses from your account or visit our learning hub and identify the course(s) you registered for. Still having trouble? We have posted a video to help you navigate the website. You may also submit a support ticket if you continue to have issues. We will respond to your ticket in 24 hours.

Green Construction Management using LEED BD+C

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Green CM using LEED BD+C– New Construction for Contractors


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Green PM using LEED BD+C

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Energy Modeling

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Daylighting Simulation

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Project Controls Training

Project controls training

Whether it’s a green building project in San Francisco, a refinery project in Houston, or an infrastructure project in New York City, the importance of planning and scheduling is pivotal for the successful implementation and timely completion of projects.

The $1 trillion infrastructure bill passed in Nov 2021 is the largest infusion of federal investment into infrastructure projects in the United States, touching nearly every facet of the American economy. With more projects, come new job opportunities across the board, including the planning sector.

Qualified project schedulers are in huge demand today as industries get back to work following a brief pandemic break. Interested in a career in scheduling or project controls, but not sure where to start? Join us as industry experts Michael J. Kaleda (former S.V.P of the MTA), Rajesh Sake (Acting Director Project Controls MTA), and Jeslin Varghese (Director, Project Controls MTA) help us navigate the world of planning, scheduling, and sustainability.

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Mentorship Program​

The demand for experienced and qualified professionals in the AEC industry is expanding faster than at any other time in the past 60 years.  Owners, consultants, contractors, and vendors will be vying for top-notch, highly-qualified professionals to meet their staffing demands. Over the next 10 years the “baby boomer” generation in the United States, those born 1946-1964, will have largely left full-time employment status, resulting in significant opportunities for younger professionals to advance in their careers.  Will you be ready to move into positions of greater responsibility and further your career?

Our instructor, Michael J. Kaleda, P.E., delivers the program which is designed to put participants on a track to be ready for those opportunities.  He is a career program/construction management executive with 40+ years of federal, state, and local government experience, managing military, school, and transportation projects.  He has a track record of organizing, leading, and managing teams to execute projects with favorable results.

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Mentorship program
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