Rainier Beach Clinic -An AIA Top 10 Case Study

The Rainier Beach Clinic leverages biophilic design strategies, distraction therapy for pain management, evidence-based practice for innovation, and biomorphic design strategies to boost patient health, wellness and lower morbidity and mortality rates. Check out this extensive case study to learn more about the project!
· Published on:February 6, 2022
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How can a dialysis center become more sustainable? What is an evidence-based practice for innovation, patterns of biophilic design, biomorphic forms, and more? The Rainier Beach Clinic is a prime example of sustainably using the aforementioned design strategies. The recipient of the 2021 AIA COTE Top Ten award and LEED Silver certification, the Rainier Beach Clinic case study is something every sustainability enthusiast would like to read. Check out this extensive case study to learn more about the project!

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