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Drinking Water Safety and Health in Schools

Drinking Water Safety and Health in Schools

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Enrolled students must take and pass the short quiz in order to earn CE credits. In addition, this course Drinking Water Safety and Health in Schools needs to be self-reported. Self-reporting information will be accessible once you complete the Quiz.

In this webinar, experts from American Heart Association will talk about the importance of safe drinking water and how the proper policies can build a culture of health in our schools.

Because children spend so much time at school, having safe and appealing water available to them is critical. When children don’t have enough water to drink, their health and their cognitive performance may suffer. And, when water is not available, children tend to consume more sugary drinks, which are linked to chronic diseases such as type 2 diabetes and heart disease. All kids should have access to water at no charge in school.

What you will learn

  1. Identify criteria for American Heart Association’s recommended water policies for school districts.
  2. Identify the case for healthy schools and water as the default beverage choice.
  3. Identify how the American Heart Association works with school districts as a cost-free and collaborative consultant to building a culture of health in school district.
  4. Learn about resources available through the AHA to help promote access to safe drinking water in schools.
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