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Oceans in crisis

Oceans In Crisis: A Focus On The Sustainability Status Of Our Oceans

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Our oceans are a vast and crucial part of Earth’s ecosystem, but they are not infinite. Welcome to GBRI‘s presentation series on sustainability concerning the state of the earth’s aquatic environments. In light of the recently released Netflix documentary, SeaSpiracy, we have taken a deep dive into understanding the status of our oceans. Amidst the swirling controversy concerning anthropogenic impacts on aquatic life, it can be hard to stay afloat, which is why we have found great importance in personally researching and providing accurate information on this topic. It is up to us to learn about the balance that is required in our oceans and maintain it through well-informed actions. Together we can protect our planet’s most precious resource. In this topic Oceans in crisis: a focus on the sustainability status of our oceans, we will discuss about this .

Join us as we explore this topic through this multi part series .

What you will learn

  • Understand the sustainability status of our oceans.
  • Identify and understand human facilitated threats to the marine environment
  • Discuss Climate Change’s Effect On Our Oceans
  • Analyze what the modern commercial fishing industry leaves behind
  • Identify the role of the aquaculture industry on the environment.

Reflection Question: What actions can you take in your community to contribute to ocean sustainability?
Meaningful Action: Participate in a local beach or river clean-up.


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