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Capturing carbon

Capturing Carbon From The Air Might Solve The Climate Crisis

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Throughout the decades, we’ve toyed with various solutions for climate change. Definitely from nature-based solutions like afforestation, to renewable energy solutions, like solar power. Unfortunately, none of these solutions have developed enough. Which are due to financial or political pushback, to be a viable solution. We must limit global warming to 1.5 degrees above preindustrial levels, we need to act quickly. This is with the IPCC reporting.

Direct air capture, or DAC, is a technology that allows us to capture CO2 from the air and turn it into products or fuel – or, store it underground and effectively reverse climate change. No other option has been able to provide the potential to actually remove carbon, making DAC a unique and exciting option. Yet we may run into familiar issues – we need more financial support to scale DAC to a viable solution. Read on to find out how DAC works, what the benefits and drawbacks are, and where it stands today.


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