e-waste: what is your role and are gadget makers helping?

e-waste: what is your role and are gadget makers helping?


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When was the last time you upgraded your phone or gadget? According to Greenpeace International, that was probably within the last two years. With a speedy lifespan of electronic devices, comes enormous electronic waste, a.k.a. e-waste. The amount of e-waste has skyrocketed in the last 30 years, representing 20% of America’s trash in landfills and 70% of toxic waste materials. What can we do about this?

The rate at which our society replaces electronic devices places a huge impact on resources, health, and the environment. E-waste contains thousands of different components, including hazardous materials that contribute to vast amounts of pollution. What happens to this e-waste? Is it being exported to developing countries? As leaders in innovation, are technology giants taking more responsibility towards designing products and programs that are more sustainable? Get your questions answered and explore more about this topic from this downloadable article. Please don’t forget to take the quiz to earn Continuing Education (CE) credits for this article.


Note: This course is presented in an ARTICLE format.

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