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climate justice movement

Climate Justice – A Multigenerational Global Civil Rights Issue

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World leaders travel across the globe each year to meet at conferences. They discuss strategies to deal with the effects of climate change.  Activists around the world, especially youth activists, are working, too. These activists are spreading the climate justice movement. This aims to expand climate change discussion from one of technology to one.  That includes the social impacts of climate change.

Global warming is not simply an environmental issue, but also one of human rights.That as those who have the least impact on greenhouse gas emissions face the most devastating impacts. While climate change is a complex issue. It is not being fully recognized if we do not consider the inequity that led us to this breaking point. Therefore work to correct it, ending our historical pattern of inequality now. In this article, we dig deep into the climate justice movement, uncovering the priorities it aims to assert, as well as examples of climate injustice and the activists who are fighting to stop them.



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