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Oceans in crisis

Oceans In Crisis: The Blame Game

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Our oceans are a vast and crucial part of Earth’s ecosystem. But they are not infinite. Welcome to GBRI’s presentation series on sustainability .It concerns the state of the earth’s aquatic environments .This is part two Oceans in crisis: the blame game

Solutions begin with a full assessment of the problem at hand. Thereby a full assessment requires the identification of motivating factors and interrelated concepts. Often, these factors are difficult to identify. Similarly sometimes their true impact may be purposefully obscured. The result is a muddied perception of where environmental damage is coming from . And also who the major contributors are. When it comes to the sustainability of our oceans this is especially true .So it contributes to a dilemma we will refer to as “the blame game”. In this section of the series, we will discuss how blame is directed . Similarly we provide you with information to help deduce where it is due.

What you will learn

  • Analyze who is to blame for the oceans sustainability crisis and discuss the interconnected parts
  • Discuss and understand what bluewashing is
  • Recognize conscious consumerism in relation to bluewashing
  • Identify common sustainability certifications related to ocean-based industries.
  • Discuss concerns about conflicting influences and discuss how to end this blame game

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