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climate change

Climate Change Not My Problem (But Whose Is It?)

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Evidence of climate change is all around us, but has it always been that way? For decades, climate deniers have argued that climate change is part of a natural cycle. Today, the majority of people now understand that human-caused climate change is real. But what were the warning signs? In this article, Climate change not my problem (but whose is it?) we take a look back at the historical signs of climate change, from CO2 levels and rising temperatures to sea level rise and melting sea ice.

By understanding the warning signs, we can look at our current situation and map out what the future will look like. What does life look like if we change nothing? What if we meet 1.5 to 2 degrees Celsius of warming? We take a look at what you can expect from an everyday perspective to a global view. With this understanding, we step back and consider who’s responsible for correcting the global issue.

5 thoughts on “Climate Change Not My Problem (But Whose Is It?)”

  1. This course provides the perfect amount of information one needs to intake. The phenomenon of climate change isn’t new. It has been happening since years. However, earlier it was happening naturally at its own pace. But now, the ball’s in our court. We, humans, have certainly sped up the process which isn’t a good sign! We must let nature heal and not over-exploit it.
    Even now, some of us do not feel it’s our concern. But the truth is- it is. We accelerated this problem, we need to sort it out. We need to take responsibility.
    Thank you Ginni Dorn and GBRI for this wonderful course.

  2. I completed this course as part of the 12 steps required to achieve my Climate Change Warrior badge and I have to say this was such an eye-opening course!
    Glad that GBRI offers such helpful courses about serious issues that our planet faces.

  3. A tasteful article on “Climate Change”. It’s now or never. And we are in this together!
    Kurzgesagt – In a Nutshell made it more interactive.

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