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c o a l / coal or black gold?


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Course Description
The coal industry is undergoing a transformation around the world. In some countries, it is scheduled for elimination over the next 10-20 years. In other countries, the industry is expanding.

The following sections provide a brief review of the coal industry in the U.S., offer an overview of the global coal industry, and present the arguments for and against maintaining or expanding the current levels of coal-fired energy. The United States is used as the discussion country for purposes of argument.

What you will learn

  • Provide an overview of the history of the coal industry in the U.S.
  • Offer a summary of the global coal industry
  • Discuss the general economics of the c o a l industry
  • Debate coal’s impact on the global climate
  • Present the arguments for ending the use of coal to produce energy
  • Provide the arguments against ending the use of c o a l to produce energy
  • Review the impact of politics on the U.S. coal industry

3 thoughts on “C O A L : BLACK GOLD …OR IS IT?”

  1. The coal industry is inevitably involved whether we address climate change one way or the other. Any discussion about the coal industry is complex and often touchy. As the article concludes, the end of coal use is near in the US while its only getting started in other regions around the world.

  2. It is ironic how we say we’re global citizens, yet we have so much disparity. While one region is going towards the end of using coal, the other has just started. This course is full of facts and I love how it addresses the severity of mining.
    No matter how many jobs this industry generates, if it affects the environment, it should be taken care of!
    Thank you GBRI for coming up with such a course!

  3. Coal and fuel oil combustion emit fly ash particles into the atmosphere, which contribute to air pollution problems.Some environmental impacts associated with using coal as an energy source are particulate emission, ground level ozone, smog and acid rain.
    This course teaches us the severity of using coals and the impact on our environment!

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