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All About Green Globes

In accordance with Executive Order 13123, government buildings are increasingly being designed to net-zero standards. Dave Pratt, Professional Mechanical Engineer and Certified Energy Manager, will describe the design requirements for net-zero buildings to comply with new government regulations, and highlight examples of compliant buildings and interventions.

Wanderlust: Taking the Sustainable Route

We’ll explore the potential challenges one faces with ecotourism as well as how to successfully overcome those roadblocks. We’ll explore many ecotourism destinations along the way and dive into a case study out of England.

Biotechnology and Sustainability: Where Science and Earth Meet

The U.S. Department of Energy’s Bioenergy Technologies Office defines the relationship of biotechnology and sustainability as the development of “…the resources, technologies, and systems needed to support a thriving bioenergy industry that protects natural resources and advances environmental, economic, and social benefits.”

Data Centers & Sustainability: What you Need to Know

This is Part I of a two-part series on sustainability in data centers. In Part I, we discuss the business case for greening data centers by reviewing the data center components and strategies for reducing energy and water consumption, and CO2 emissions. In Part II, the discussion turns to the future of sustainability in data centers and looks at what industry leaders are currently doing or researching.


The Legacy of Carbon Credits: A-Z

Learn important tools and techniques to analyze your project’s carbon foot print. In additon, analyze how LEED v4 address carbon credits

EcoBalance and Biomimicry: Inspired by Nature

This course explores the innovative ways building designers and architects are mimicking nature, using a sustainable design methodology called Biomimicry, to find solutions to some of the our biggest environmental challenges, such as depletion of nonrenewable natural resources, overpopulation, and climate change.

The Journey of Your Waste: Is it Sustainable?

In this article, we will look at different types of waste we produce and analyze the processes currently employed to process it. We will analyze and learn from waste management practices employed by companies like Walmart and Microsoft, countries like Sweden, and an individual like Bea Johnson.

LEED v4 Home Essentials: Materials

The series will guide you through the steps that the project team must complete to earn credit. We’ll also discuss the intent of key credits and the benefits of their fulfillment. Finally, we’ll go over some specific products, designs, and techniques that can be used to meet the credit requirements and even exceed them.

LEED v4 Home Essentials: Water

This course will look at the effects of these changes as well as dive into the credits and requirements that pertain to residential buildings going for LEED certification.

Advanced Stormwater Strategies: Flattening the Learning Curve

This presentation will look into the various legal issues regarding stormwater management and what may be mandatory in the future. We will also look at advanced stormwater management strategies like environmental site design, rainwater harvesting, and treatment trains.

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