Interim A.I.: Growing Artificial Intelligence for Projects (and select areas of development)

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Robert Harms
·Published on:July 24, 2021

    Iscient started in 2019 as a research and experimental initiative to look forward 3 – 10 years into the potential for assessing the brilliant work of academics from around the world and how such theories, discoveries, challenges, proofs and studies might translate into practical solutions for project prediction modeling.

    This presentation explores this process and how it has accelerated to become a going concern to help with industry and indigenous peoples’ appetites for forecasting and longer term prediction – of individual project effects as well as long-term, multi-generational consequences – all helping to drive project conceptual and detailed design, construction, the socio-economic impacts to communities and the host natural environments.

    The Iscient program – as it is being implemented today – along with EPC Lens, Indigenous Lens and Community Lens systems, are currently proving out in Canada with various mining and pipeline projects, and are in review for applications in the USA, Latin and South America for indigenous peoples, communities and projects in harmony.

    In addition to reviewing these programs, Robert will present key ideas from his recent eBook on Interim AI and a roster of ideas for development by companies in the E, P and C industries.

    Robert Harms

    President for ISCIENT

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