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Planning, Scheduling and Sustainability: Getting Started & Landing Opportunities

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The $1 trillion infrastructure bill passed in Nov 2021 is the largest infusion of federal investment into infrastructure projects in the United States touching nearly every facet of the American economy. With more projects, come new job opportunities across the board including the planning sector.

Qualified project schedulers are in huge demand today as industries get back to work following a brief pandemic break. Interested in a career in scheduling or project controls, but not sure where to start? Join us as industry experts Michael J. Kaleda (former S.V.P of the MTA), Rajesh Sake (Acting Director Project Controls MTA), and Jeslin Varghese (Director, Project Controls MTA) help us navigate the world of planning, scheduling, and sustainability.

As the adage goes “Prior Proper Planning Prevents Poor Performance,” the role of a qualified scheduler is inevitable for prior proper planning.

We will discuss the role of scheduling in project management, understand the importance of creating a schedule, and analyze how it intersects with the sustainability goals of a project. We will identify scheduling tools and highlight the use of Oracle Primavera P6 as a scheduling tool. Together we will explore job opportunities in scheduling and discuss advanced training for professionals.

Timeline, Objectives & Agenda

  1. What is scheduling in project management? (Role of scheduling)
  2. Why create a schedule?
  3. What is the role of scheduling in sustainability/green building projects?
  4. What are some of the tools/software used in the scheduling industry?
  5. Why learn Primavera P6 Schedule software?
  6. What are some job opportunities for schedulers?
  7. What are some advanced training opportunities with GBRI?

Advanced Training

Scheduling with Oracle Primavera P6 – Level 1  ($1,499) 

Mastering Oracle Primavera P6 – Level 2 – ($499)


Other Advanced Training

Time Impact Analysis using Oracle Primavera P6 – $499

Analyzing Claims using Oracle Primavera P6 – $699

10 thoughts on “Planning, Scheduling and Sustainability: Getting Started & Landing Opportunities”

  1. This course provided clear introductory-level information and used an interesting real-world project example. The speakers were knowledgeable and engaging.

  2. A very good introduction and presentation on the program & project controls. The inclusion of sustainability considerations and planning for its integration into the design and execution planning and programming phase of a project is essential for the current and future AEC industry. Project Controls will be a key element in ensuring that sustainable considerations are considered at project initiation and throughout the Project life cycle. Looking forward to continuing education in this most critical evolving element of the AEC industry

  3. Good oversight of planning and scheduling with tie-in to sustainability. Thought that there should have been clearer on reasons for promotion of Prmivera P6 over other scheduling software.

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Michael Kaleda

Executive Director

    Rajesh Sake

    Acting Project Controls Director

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