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Become a Climate Change Ambassador

And fulfill all your AIA, LEED and WELL CE requirements

Fulfill all your AIA, LEED and WELL CE requirements and earn a Climate Change advanced certificate at the same time. Take guess work out of the equation and sign-up for our Climate Change Curated CE Bundle for LEED Green Associates, LEED APs with Specialty, AIA and WELL APs.

Whether you are just getting started in learning more about Climate Change or a champion who believes in it and wants to make a difference, GBRI’s Climate Change Ambassador Program is a collection of courses, articles, and meaningful exercises that enable you to learn more about climate change, progress steadily and become an Ambassador for our planet. 

The self-paced program includes 3 levels. Each level is a collection of climate change courses, articles, and meaningful exercises. Participants will earn points and a certificate of completion for each individual action such as completion of a course, taking the quiz, and completing an exercise. Upon completion of all required steps under a level, participants will earn a climate change badge (Warrior, Champion, or Ambassador).  


Climate Change Warrior

200 Points

Welcome to the next stage of your journey towards becoming a well-informed and proactive Climate Change Ambassador. In this level, we delve deeper into the multifaceted issues surrounding climate change, from basic scientific principles to its social and economic ramifications. The courses in this level are meticulously designed to offer a well-rounded perspective, providing not just knowledge but also sparking the critical thinking needed to engage meaningfully with the challenges at hand.
You’ll learn about the fundamental science behind climate change in ‘Climate Change – Get the Basics Right.’ Explore the health implications with an expert in ‘Climate Change and health: a lunchtime chat with Dr. Joan Schiller.’ Contemplate responsibility and accountability with courses like ‘Climate Change: Not My Problem (But Whose Is It?)’ and ‘Outsourcing Pollution: Are Developed Countries Outsourcing Pollution?’.
We also venture into specialized domains, examining the sustainability of our oceans, the burgeoning field of cultivated meat, the ethics of travel, and the roles different industries play in exacerbating or mitigating climate change.
By completing these courses, you are not just enriching your understanding but also equipping yourself to be part of meaningful dialogues and actions that can lead to lasting change.


Climate Change Champion

250 Points

Congratulations on advancing to the Champion Level of GBRI’s Climate Change Ambassador Program! Having demonstrated your dedication as a Warrior, you are now entering a more advanced and nuanced sphere of climate education. At this level, you will be delving into some of the most critical and complex issues affecting our planet and society.
From grappling with the ethical dimensions of climate justice to evaluating the efficacy of international treaties like the Paris Agreement, these courses will challenge you to consider not just the ‘what,’ but the ‘why’ and ‘how’ of sustainable solutions. You’ll also explore the role of government policies, corporate responsibility, and individual choices in contributing to—or mitigating—the climate crisis.
Through these immersive learning experiences, you are not only broadening your own understanding but also arming yourself with the knowledge and insights needed to be a true Champion for climate change action. Now let’s dive deeper into these multifaceted issues and expand our toolkit for meaningful impact.


Climate Change Ambassador

300 Points

Congratulations on your unwavering perseverance and commitment to sustainability. You’ve made it to the final level of GBRI’s Climate Change Ambassador Program, a feat that marks you as not just a learner but a leader, someone deeply committed to transformative change.
In this final stage, your courses offer a comprehensive view that moves beyond foundational knowledge and dives into nuanced, actionable aspects of sustainability. You will explore cutting-edge technologies such as carbon capture, delve into corporate responsibility, examine sustainable pet ownership, and even consider the viability of plastic roads and traditional knowledge for a greener future. These courses also introduce you to the evolving field of sustainable finance, touching on topics like ESG Disclosure and Impact Investing.
As you engage with this extensive and versatile curriculum, remember that each course, article, and exercise further equips you to be a true Climate Change Ambassador. You’ve come a long way, and this final level encapsulates the essence of what it means to be both informed and actionable in the realm of sustainability. Prepare to broaden your horizons even further as you undertake this last but incredibly significant part of your journey.

Climate Change Certificate Program

Climate Change Champion For LEED Green Associates

$ 99
  • Access to Climate Change Level 1 & Level 2 badge courses plus 3 LEED specific hours.
Level 1

Climate Change Ambassador For LEED APs With Specialty

$ 149
  • Access to Level 1, Level 2 and Level 3 badge courses plus 6 LEED specific hours.
Level 2

Climate Change Ambassador For WELL APs

$ 149
  • Access to Level 1, Level 2, and Level 3 badge courses plus 6 WELL specific hours.
Level 3


Ideal for life-time learners with access to all our courses
$ 349 Yearly
  • Access to 250+ courses, all certification programs, badges and LEED specific hours.
Best Value

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Why Enroll in a Climate Change Certificate Program?

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Become a member of our certificate program! All you need is an internet connection, a web browser & speakers or headphones.
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Your login details will be sent via email instantly. Login and begin your sustainability journey!
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Watch, read or listen to your collection of climate change courses. Participants will earn points and a certificate of completion for each individual action such as completion of a course, taking the quiz, and completing an exercise.
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Upon completion of all required steps under a level, participants will earn a climate change badge. Celebrate your achievements and successes by displaying your badges!
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Questions And Answers

All courses under this program are eligible for continuing education (CE) credits.  However please check the requirements of your board/credential before purchasing. Audio-Visual Courses will be automatically reported by GBRI, articles will need to be self-reported. 

Audio-Visual Courses will be reported to GBCI & AIA on your behalf. Articles will need to be self-reported. You will be provided with the information needed to self-report upon successful completion of the respective quiz.

GBRI works with small, medium and large office groups. Please call us at 210-858-7783  or email [email protected] for a group rate.  

GBRI is in the process of creating multiple certification programs in 2022. Please check here for updates.

Yes! Our Climate Change Curated CE Bundle will provide you with the general and LEED or WELL specific hours needed to maintain your credential. When signing up please make sure and select the bundle which is needed for your specialty.

If you are using the course for CE credit we are happy to provide a replacement! We are also happy to update your account to reflect your completion of that course.

GBRI will be offering 2 instructor programs. Please check here for more information.

Yes, you can share all your badges on social media. Upon completion of each level, you will earn the Warrior badge for level 1, Champion Badge for Level 2, and Ambassador Badge for Level 3. 

Yes, in order to become an Ambassador, you will have to complete Level 1 (Warrior) and Level 2 (Champion).

Yes. A link to your badge can be shared with anyone on social media or by email.

The amount of time it will take to complete each badge will vary. You should dedicate at least 7 hours for a Climate Change Warrior badge, 9 hours for a Climate Change Champion badge (in addition to the time it takes to earn a Warrior badge), and 10.5 hours for a Climate Change Ambassador badge (in addition to the time it takes to earn a Warrior & Champion badge).

Climate change courses Included in Bundle

Architecture and Carbon The Odd Couple Destined for Partnership

Architecture and Carbon: The Odd Couple Destined for Partnership

Ever wonder about the odd couple, Architecture and Carbon, and how they interact with each other online and offline? Are they compatible with each other? Will the current carbon emissions trend overhaul their relationship and is their relationship sustainable? Find these answers and more in this in-depth article.

Executive Order on Tackling the Climate Crisis at Home and Abroad

How The Government Is Revitalizing Energy Communities And Tackling The Climate Crisis

With over $37 billion in immediately available funding, the Working Group has a chance to make a huge impact on the lives of people in priority communities as well as our environment. One question remains – are we doing enough to fight climate change?

climate justice movement

Climate Justice – A Multigenerational Global Civil Rights Issue

In this article, we dig deep into the climate justice movement, uncovering the priorities it aims to assert, as well as examples of climate injustice and the activists who are fighting to stop them.

Oceans in crisis

Oceans In Crisis: The Blame Game

In light of the recently released Netflix documentary, SeaSpiracy, we have taken a deep dive into understanding the status of our oceans. Learn more about the controversy behind oceanic preservation and the blame game it has created under part 2 of this series.


Revolutionary Outcomes Of Cop26 What The Annual Meeting Means For Our Future

In this article, we review what was discussed, the outcomes of these negotiations, and where we can expect to go from here.

ESG Disclosure

Accelerating the Path to “Green” through ESG Disclosure

Getting Started with Minimalism

Minimalism — What is it and is it for you?

In this article, you’ll learn about the benefits of minimalism and who can gain the most from it.

Socially Responsible Investments

Everything You Need to Know About Socially Responsible Investments

This article will explore each facet of SRI in order to inform anyone reading what SRI is and how it came around, what companies have SRI policies and why they’ve chosen to do so, what the future of SRI looks like, and several other aspects.

Impact Investing

Impact Investing – What You Need to Know

This article will explore the phenomenon of impact investing and all its facets from the basic definition all the way to potential future of an impact investing network.

Caffeine: How Your Morning Coffee and Tea may be Lacking Sustainability

Caffeine: How Your Morning Coffee And Tea May Be Lacking Sustainability

This article isn’t to scare you off from your cup of joe, but to instead educate you that your caffeine intake may be hurting others and the environment just as much as it’s keeping you addicted.

Climate Change and health

Climate Change And Health: A Lunchtime Chat With Dr. Joan Schiller

Dr. Joan Schiller is a medical oncologist and adjunct professor at University of Virginia. She is passionate about the impact of climate change on health. She recently published two articles on the subject in The Journal of Clinical Oncology – Oncology Practice and Lung Cancer News, a publication of the International Association for the Study of Lung Cancer.

Join us as Dr. Schiller explores the topic and shares her wisdom.

c o a l / coal or black gold?


The following sections provide a brief review of the coal industry in the U.S., offer an overview of the global coal industry, and present the arguments for and against maintaining or expanding the current levels of coal-fired energy. The United States is used as the discussion country for purposes of argument.

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