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We are excited to launch our first sustainability certificate program on climate change. The Climate Change Ambassador program is a collection of 3 levels of curated courses and articles. By completing the courses under each level, you will earn our climate change badges and become a GBRI certified climate change ambassador. Share your badges on social media with your network of peers and potential employers and show your support for the planet we call home.

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To help offset some of the cost of Continuing Education (CE) & Exam Prep material for those needing to renew their credentials or looking to add a new credential we have partnered with the non-profit I-Believe to opened up our scholarship program to everyone during this time. To expedite the process, there is no application process like their normally would be. Instead GBRI encourages interested applicant to use the honor system. 

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WELLopedia v2: Materials Concept & Innovation

WELLopedia v2: Materials Concept & Innovation

Join us as we explore the fundamental principles and practices of the Materials and Innovation concepts within the WELL Building Standard v2.

Taking the “Gross” Out of GDP and Adding ISEW

Taking the “Gross” Out of GDP and Adding ISEW

Gross National Product (GDP) is the common global metric for measuring economic growth, but it does not include the costs of development. The Index of Sustainable Economic Welfare (ISEW) seeks to add the costs of achieving GDP to reflect the social and environmental harm that growth incurs. The ultimate goal is to achieve a Steady State Economy, defined as a state of dynamic stability in which development is balanced with the positive and negative impacts that growth causes. The ISEW calculation begins with GDP and to that is added and subtracted all the factors reflecting the true impact on human lives and the environment. The ISEW is more complex which has slowed its adoption on a global basis. However, it has critics that believe it is too subjective. The long-term trend is increased adoption on a country-by-country basis which could eventually lead to its recognition as the global standard.

Tackling Global Warming with the Lowly Fungi

So Cool: Tackling Global Warming with the Lowly Fungi

Fungi got little attention in the past and certainly not as a pathway for lowering carbon emissions. Mycologists are now researching Mycorrhiza, the symbiotic relationship of a plant and a fungus, and are already making surprising discoveries. The microscopic fungus that clings to tree roots is supplying the tree with nutrients and, in return, obtains nutrients from the tree. During this process is the absorption, release, and storage of carbon at various steps of nutrient exchanges. Fungi are proving to be efficient at retaining some of the carbon which means less carbon in the atmosphere. Should fungi be on environmental protection lists as one pathway to preventing some amount of global warming?

Capturing carbon

Capturing Carbon From The Air Might Solve The Climate Crisis

 Read on to find out how Direct air capture, or DAC works, what the benefits and draw

Are India's Plastic Roads the Solution to the World's Plastic Waste Epidemic?

Are India’s Plastic Roads the Solution to the World’s Plastic Waste Epidemic?

Are India’s plastic roads the solution to world’s plastic waste epidemic? Learn more through this article written by Pooja Jain and Diana Webb.

The Role of Design in Racial Equity How the Built Environment Impacts Issues of Race gbri article

The Role of Design in Racial Equity: How the Built Environment Impacts Issues of Race

This article takes a deep dive into the ways that design and racism have closely intermingled over time.


Planning, Scheduling & Sustainability: Live Training


Planning, Scheduling & Sustainability: Self-Paced Course

Time Impact Analysis using Oracle Primavera P6

Analyzing Claims using Oracle Primavera P6

Time Impact Analysis using Oracle Primavera P6

Time Impact Analysis using Oracle Primavera P6

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