GBRI’s #1 LEED Green Associate, LEED AP and WELL AP Exam Prep Materials are Officially FREE Now with Scholarships!

GBRI’s #1 LEED Green Associate and LEED AP Exam Prep Materials are Officially FREE Now with Scholarships!

People around the world need all our support even more this year as the economic devastation from the pandemic continues to claim lives and jobs intensifying the economic divide. Your health, safety and wellbeing are of the utmost importance to us just as much as the planet. With the effects of the COVID-19 outbreak being felt more and more each day, secondary effect such as the shutting down of gatherings, schools, and businesses continue to put financial hardships on many including students and professionals seeking employment opportunities.

Don’t let the Pandemic keep you away from where you want to be. We are one human tribe and we shall overcome this together!

To help offset some of the cost of Continuing Education (CE) & Exam Prep material for those needing to renew their credential or looking to add a credential we have partnered with the non-profit I-Believe to opened up our scholarship program to everyone during this time. To expedite the process, there is no application process like their normally would be, instead GBRI encourages interested applicant to use the honor system. On this page, we have listed a few scholarship codes that applicants can use when registering for their membership. Depending on the code applicants enter, the shopping cart will automatically reduce the out-of-pocket cost by 30%-100%. At this time, users can get up to 50% off for CE memberships and up to 100% off for all exam prep memberships. This scholarship is our way of thanking you and recognizing your perseverance in the face of adversity. We hope this token of love and support will help you stay on track with the important work you do, despite the disruptions.

Brought to you in partnership with I-Believe.
30% Scholarship

Use code SCHOLARSHIP30 during checkout to automatically reduce your out-of-pocket CE or Exam Prep cost by 30%! Simply enter code SCHOLARSHIP30 into the coupon code box of your cart.

50% Scholarship
Use code SCHOLARSHIP50 during checkout to automatically reduce your out-of-pocket CE or Exam Prep cost by 50%! Simply enter code SCHOLARSHIP50 into the coupon code box of your cart.
100% Scholarship
Use code SCHOLARSHIP100 during checkout to automatically reduce your out-of-pocket Exam Prep cost by 100%! Simply enter code SCHOLARSHIP100 into the coupon code box of your cart.

Utilize CE Scholarship

CE (30%-50% reduction)

Bronze Plus Membership
Silver Membership
Gold Membership
Platinum Membership

Utilize Exam Prep Scholarship

Exam Prep (30%-100% reduction)

LEED Green Associate

Free Webinars

Zero Energy, Zero Carbon & Electrification: Possible and Happening!

Date: January 14, 2022
Time: 2:00 pm - 3:00 pm
Location: Online

Free Webinar!

Live January 14th @ 02:00 PM in Eastern Time (US and Canada)

Content available live online or on-demand.


Climate Change and Health: A lunchtime chat with Dr. Joan Schiller [FREE Webinar]

Date: December 9, 2020
Location: Online

Free Webinar!

Live December 9th @ 12:00 -1:00pm EST.

Content available live online or on-demand.

1 general CE hour | 1 HSW LU

The HVAC Factor: Protecting Indoor Spaces From COVID-19 [FREE WEBINAR]

Date: November 11, 2020
Location: Online

This is a Free Webinar! Check GBRI’s FREE CE Page for more FREE courses

Live November 11 @ 1pm EST.

Content available live online or on-demand.

1 general CE hour | 1 HSW LU

important things you should know

Questions And Answers

Please make sure you are using the correct code on the correct membership level. Our CE memberships are eligible for our 30%-50% codes, our exam prep membership is eligible for our 30%-100% codes. Our list of eligible memberships are listed under the “Utilize Exam Prep Scholarship” and “Utilize CE Scholarship” sections.

Once you have found the package you are looking for, you will then add that package to your cart. Before you checkout you will apply the code to the coupon code box of your cart and click “apply”, you will see the cost of your cart be automatically reduced by 50%, 30% or 100%!
While we do not currently have an end date for this scholarship, it is available for a limited time only
To streamline the process for our students we are using the honor system with this scholarship. Based on your financial situation use the code that would be most suitable for you.
Our scholarship code is applicable for future purchases only and cannot be applied to a previous purchase.
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