Scholarship Program for CE & LEED Exam Prep material to Everyone During Covid-19

Coronavirusy Scholarship program LEED examprep & ce

We understand times are tough right now. Your health, safety and well being is of the utmost importance to us just as much as the planet. With the effects of the COVID-19 outbreak being felt more and more each day, secondary effect such as the shutting down of gatherings, schools, and businesses continue to put financial hardships on many.

To help offset some of the cost of CE & Exam Prep material for those needing to renew their credential or looking to add a credential we have opened up our scholarship program to everyone during this time. To expedite the process we are not requiring users to fill out our scholarship application like we normally would, instead you will need to enter the code SCHOLARSHIP when registering for your CE or Exam Prep package. Entering this code will automatically reduce your out-of-pocket cost by 30%. We hope this will help you stay on track with the important work you do, despite the disruptions. 

Utilize Scholarship!

For those looking for tips and resources we have also put together a dedicated page which will be continuously updated.

Tips and Resources