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Solar for Starters

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With the booming solar industry in mind, this course addresses the importance and fundamentals of solar along with analyzing the practical aspects, promises and challenges of solar energy. Ideal for green building professionals in various occupations interested in learning more about one of the most rapidly growing industries today, this course describes in-depth what solar energy truly is, why it is important, how it works and can be implemented into building projects as well as where it is headed. This presentation will set the stage to enhance your understanding of the solar industry and prepares you for GBRI’s Solar for Designers enhanced training course.

Topics covered in this presentation will include:
• Solar radiation
• Electricity & Energy basics
• Return on Investment (ROI)
• Federal and State Incentives and Rebates
• Market trends
• Industry and energy chart analysis
• Projects
• Future of Solar

This presentation includes some of the Q&A from the original recording with a live audience, giving you insight into the most frequently asked questions by professionals just like you. The course also includes review of the graphs in the Executive Summary section of the DOE’s Annual Energy Outlook 2014 report.

A copy of the reading is in the Additional Resources section to the right. The full report can be accessed here.

What you will learn

  1. Describe the importance and basics of solar energy
  2. Identify why renewable energy is important and solar energy’s role
  3. Identify market drivers
  4. Understand how solar energy systems work
  5. Analyze solar case studies and where the solar industry is headed
Jeffrey Mathews

Solar PV training and consulting

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