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Public Transportation: Where is the U.S?

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Billions of people use public transportation around the world. It is crucial for the well-functioning of our society, economy and democracy. It allows the free movement of people, objects and animals and promotes more business and leisure trips. Public transportation, drives growth; It attracts development and increased property values along its corridors.

However – without meticulous urban planning, the public transportation industry would be pretty bad off. There needs to be a symbiosis of urban development and transportation development.

How is the public transportation network in the united states? Which are the best cities in terms of public transportation? Are we in par with rest of the world? What’s happening around the world and what can we learn? Join us and get these questions answered as GBRI Senior Research Associate Paul Johan explores this interesting topic in-depth.

In our previous course “Greening America’s Transportation Infrastructure”, Paul looks at America’s current state of the transportation infrastructure – rails, tunnels, roads, waterways and talked about the need for revitalizing the transportation industry in a sustainable manner. It went thoroughly through all the aspects and considerations involved in the Green Transportation Revolution that the US must lead. The course is available on the platform in case you haven’t watched it.

This course follows where we left on sustainable infrastructure, and tackles the situation of the public transportation in the U.S. This course will last about an hour and will guide you through each step in better understanding the factors and the future guidelines to implement in getting the U.S. back on track. Thanks for watching and yet again, welcome.


What you will learn

  1. Identify the best public transportation systems in the U.S
  2. Understand the benefits of public transportation
  3. Analyze America’s Public Transportation
  4. Identify incentives to improve the public transportation system
  5. Recognize notable public transportation systems from around the world
  6. Look at futuristic public transportation options

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