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Zero Waste 101

This course will introduce the concept of zero waste as it applies to today’s world. We will discuss the benefits of a zero waste facility. In addition, the instructor will analyze zero waste strategies and showcase a case study to highlight the successful implementation of the this concept.

Pushing the Envelope

This course considers the pros and cons of commissioning the building envelope, including identifying the benefits and concerns, costs, and relationship to building codes.

Step Inside the Top 10 Green Buildings of 2016: AIA COTE Top 10 – Projects 9 and 10

This course is part of our AIA series where we tour the AIA COTE Top 10 Green Buildings of 2016 with our industry experts. Learn about AIA COTE and how the COTE criteria are utilized to evaluate green building projects. Walk through each of the projects to understand some of the strategies employed to achieve the sustainability goals set out for each building.

The Paris Agreement: Is it an Overly Optimistic Pledge?

In December 2015, all nations were brought together at COP21 in Paris to undertake the ambitious efforts to combat climate change. The conference negotiated the Paris Agreement, a global agreement on the reduction of climate change. While all 195 nations signed off on these goals for 2030, is it an Overly Optimistic Pledge? Find out as we explore this topic through this downloadable article.

Solar for Starters

This presentation includes some of the Q&A from the original recording with a live audience, giving you insight into the most frequently asked questions by professionals just like you. The course also includes review of the graphs in the Executive Summary section of the DOE’s Annual Energy Outlook 2014 report.

Green Schools I: Design Elements

This course is the first in a two-part series by GBRI senior research associate Craig Schiller, which will explore green schools in-depth. Part one, Design Elements, will look at school design and at what strategies and features are most beneficial, easy to implement, and significant.

Sustainability In The Arab World

Considering the unique characteristics of various countries in the Arab world, many of them have come up with modified versions or even combinations of international green building systems that are in place such as LEED and BREEAM.

21 Things You Should Know About LEED v4

Take advantage of the handouts and make notes as our experts walk you through the most important changes with the new version of LEED in a progressive manner, starting with the basic changes and leaving you with a deeper and more thorough understanding of the new system. In conclusion, we will identify how the new LEED v4 will affect green building professionals and share the future outlook and advice from subject matter experts and industry leaders.

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