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Climate Change and You: Is it now or never for India?

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From environmental to social impacts, climate change is changing more than the global temperature.  The UN Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) with scientists from 67 countries, including nine from India, has painted a bleak picture for India. This is warning the country could face multiple climate change-induced disasters in the next two decades. While this is serious, there is so much we can do in our power to have a good impact on our planet, its flora and fauna, and the life that surrounds us.

Join us, as we embark on a journey with a panel of diverse speakers to better understand climate change, it’s causes, and impacts, and identify meaningful actions for all of us.

The wait is over.  Watching this course will allow participants to earn the Climate Change Trailblazer badge. This serves as the first step towards becoming a GBRI certified Climate Change Ambassador.

GBRI and NASA presents Climate Change Games Season – 2 !

GBRI and National Association of Students in Architecture (NASA), India proudly presents GBRI Climate Change Games – Season 2 . We embark on a journey with a panel of diverse speakers from India to better understand climate change, it’s causes, and impacts from the perspective of buildings and communities.

In Feb 2022, GBRI launched its Climate Change Ambassador Program in New York City with a panel of 7 speakers who spoke about Climate Change and Energy, Health, Buildings, Communities, and Biodiversity. The session is available on-demand, and this was telecast as a seminar at the recent NASA Convention in Bangalore, India where more than 4000 students witnessed the kick-off of the program, and more than 300 students earned the Climate Change Trailblazer badge.

What else to expect from this event?

You will learn more about:

  1. The various programs under the GBRI-NASA Partnership
  2. GBRI International Sustainability Program
  3. How to become an Ambassador for your college
  4. GBRI Internships
  5. GBRI Climate Change Badges


5 thoughts on “Climate Change and You: Is it now or never for India?”

  1. A nice addition to the list of courses. Letting the others know how India is acting on the climate change mitigation efforts front.

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