Here’s a sneak peek into IKEA’s first sustainable tiny home

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How to become a LEED Inspector

Sorry to break the news, but there is no such credential as “LEED Inspector” and hence no one can become one. If you’re talking about a job that involves guiding people in their construction decisions so that their project can earn a LEED certification – well, it is very much a real job, but the


One Human Race

  I personally joined Toast Masters (TM) as a professional organization to hone my leadership and communication skills like most people but never did I imagine, I would call it my second home, my family, my tribe. Over the last several months, our club and the interactions we have had have become personal. I feel


LEED AP O+M Exam Guide – Take Your Career To The Next Level‎ With GBRI

What is LEED? As the awareness about terms like climate change and green buildings is rising, people are increasingly opting for homes that have a minimal impact on the environment. Even businesses consider it essential to practice sustainable social and environmental policies that set a good example to communities. As a result, the popularity of