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World Nature Conservation Day: Why Should It Be Celebrated?

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World Nature Conservation Day / International Conservation Day

We talk a lot about the problems surrounding us and our environment, but do we do anything to solve them? Our Earth, the only planet we call “home“, is facing severe problems that are man-made and natural. As humans, we’ve realized that these issues need to be addressed and the first step is to understand the problem. Now that we know what the problem is, we’ve stepped on to finding the solutions. The key is to spread awareness and that’s exactly what World Nature Conservation Day is about!

What Is World Nature Conservation Day?

World Nature Conservation Day is celebrated annually on July 28th worldwide. As the name suggests, it emphasizes the need to “conserve” nature. Mother Earth has given us so much and now it’s our time to give back and the best way to do this is to conserve. Not just conserve but preserve. The primary objective of this day is to drive attention to the flora and fauna facing threats of extinction. Therefore, this is an attempt to spread awareness on how we, as individuals, can conserve Earth’s natural resources.

Why Is It Celebrated?

It’s a fact that the needs of the human race are unlimited and yet our resources are limited. Intentionally or unintentionally, we as humans have used natural resources to the extent that some of them are close to exhausting! World Nature Conservation Day aims at emphasizing the need to make conscious decisions as to how to use natural resources. But why do we need to conserve natural resources? The answer is obvious: for our future generations. It is our responsibility to leave the planet in such a form that benefits not just us, but our future generations too! After all, Earth is equally theirs! Wouldn’t it be unfair to leave them with an environment that lacks elements necessary for survival?

Why should we conserve natural resources

This day very well recognizes the need to sustainably use natural resources so that the current generation leaves a healthy environment for future generations. Along with spreading awareness, it also draws attention to keeping components of nature such as flora, fauna, air, soil, and water intact. So, to establish a harmonious society, we need to balance the use of natural resources in such a way that these resources are left for the future too!

Theme For 2022

Every year several events are organized globally to celebrate World Nature Conservation Day with a theme. This year’s theme is “Living Sustainably In Harmony With Nature“. The focus is to live sustainably and not harm the environment with harmful human practices such as mining, hunting, overusing natural resources, and other dangerous activities.

Why Should World Nature Conservation Day Be Important To YOU?

Why is World Nature Conservation Day Celebrated?

  1. Enable the giver in you. Realize that instead of only ‘taking’ from nature, give it back the love and care it deserves.
  2. Help you to understand the importance and need of conserving and preserving natural resources for future generations.
  3. World Nature Conservation Day also motivates us to restore nature and let it “heal” from the damages we’ve done to it.
  4. Living sustainably and giving nature a break will help slow down the climate change phenomenon that is gravely affecting the planet. Don’t get me started with the effects of climate change!
  5. As a responsible human being, you should be aware of the ecosystem that exists around you. This day throws light on the importance of flora and fauna around us and how some of them are going towards extinction!


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