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How to Pass the WELL AP Exam

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Emphasis on health and wellness is growing by leaps and bounds in every sector today, including building and architecture. Are you passionate about wanting to contribute toward building sustainable and healthier spaces for people? Wondering how to pass the WELL AP exam? Learn more about the WELL AP credential today!

How to pass the WELL AP exam

What is the WELL Building Standard?

In 2014, IWBI (International WELL Building Institute) launched the WELL Building Standard – the first rating system specifically designed to improve human health and wellbeing in the built environment. The WELL Building Standard is anchored by the latest scientific research and industry best practices and serves as the foundation upon which the entire WELL ecosystem is built. After a six-year, an expert peer review process that spanned three feedback phases featuring scientists, practitioners, and medical professionals from around the world WELL Building Standard v2 was launched in 2020. WELL has become a global community with 4350+ WELL Projects in 60+ countries.

The WELL AP Credential – Is it right for me?

Are you passionate about wanting to contribute toward building sustainable and healthier spaces for people? If so the WELL AP Credential is right for you! A WELL AP (Accredited Professional) credential recognizes building industry professionals who are knowledgeable on the conceptual and applied frameworks of WELL and are experienced in its application on registered and certified WELL projects. WELL APs can help guide projects to successful certification or compliance awards. The WELL AP community currently consists of more than 12,700 members in 90+ countries.

Stand out from the crowd as someone who has extensive knowledge about the WELL Building Standard and a commitment to creating sustainable spaces that advance the overall health and well-being of individuals by becoming a WELL AP! As demand for sustainable buildings increases so does the demand for sustainability professionals. Earning a WELL AP credential can improve a professional’s marketability in this rapidly growing industry!

The WELL AP Exam

To be eligible for the WELL AP credential you must be at least 18 years of age & agree to the ‘Disciplinary and Exam Appeals Policy’. You will 2 ½ hours to complete 115 multiple-choice questions. The cost of the WELL AP Exam is $299 for professionals & $99 for students. The exam can be taken at a Prometric testing center near you or remotely with an Online Proctored Exam.

Want to learn more about WELL? Watch our FREE webinar: Intro to WELL v2 & becoming a WELL AP: Are you ready for what’s next?

WELL AP Exam Prep

Let us help you earn a WELL AP Credential in as little as 5 weeks! Based on your schedule and preferences, attend our live online exam prep sessions OR utilize our on-demand material at your convenience. Our next live online WELL AP V2 Exam Prep – Study with Jeslin Varghese session begins April 28th at 12PM Eastern Time. Pre-register and save $50 on your exam prep registration! Enter discount code WELL50 to receive your discount.

Let GBRI help you take your career to the next level with your satisfaction guaranteed. With GBRI’s study materials, earn your WELL AP in as little as 5 weeks. Based on your schedule and preferences, attend live exam prep sessions online OR utilize self-paced online on-demand exam prep modules for your convenience.

When you sign-up for our WELL AP V2 Exam Prep – Study with Jeslin Varghese sessions you will receive the following:

  • IWBI WELL AP Core Study Resources
  • 5 live online exam prep sessions taught by a WELL Faculty
  • Practice questions with answer explanations for each WELL Concept
  • 3 Simulated WELL AP Mock Exams
  • A roadmap, tips, and techniques
  • Instructor-led study group
  • Instructor & peer support

Not sure our material is right for you? Register for our first live exam prep session for FREE!

We are confident you will pass your WELL AP exam by following our recommended roadmap that we’re backing our material up with a money-back guarantee! Receive a full refund on your exam prep if you do not pass your exam. * Let GBRI help you take your career to the next level with your satisfaction guaranteed.

*Some conditions do apply. Registrants must complete the entire exam preparation package and recommended roadmap as well as successfully pass all mock exams before taking the WELL AP exam. Should all measures be taken as advised and the registrant does not pass the exam, GBRI will refund costs for the exam preparation package purchased. Documentation of exam date and score are required.

Sessions begin April 28th, register now!

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