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How Is Earth Day Celebrated Around The World?

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Earth Day

Every year on April 22, we celebrate Earth Day around the world to raise awareness about the environment and our commitment to making our planet better. After all, this planet belongs to us, and taking care of it is our responsibility. The first Earth Day was celebrated on March 21, 1970. It was first proposed by John McConnell, a newspaper publisher, who had been to the UNESCO conference and suggested this idea before. Soon the United Nations Secretary-General signed a proclamation with McConnell, thus officiating this day forever as Earth Day.

Today many countries around the world celebrate Earth Day in their own inspiring and creative way, but everyone’s celebration represents one thing in particular: hope for a better future. The overall theme is always to create awareness and educate people to conserve and preserve our earth’s natural resources.

Now that we know this day is celebrated differently around the world, let’s take a closer look at how different places celebrate this important day.

How to celebrate Earth Day

1. United States

Teachers and students, along with others, attend rallies to make more people aware of this day. Some scientists and civic organizers provide training sessions on this day.

2. Denmark

The people of Denmark celebrate this day with lots of pompous drums playing pointed at the four corners of the world. Then they attend the March for Science, which is a march done to hold their elected government officials responsible for green initiatives.

3. Japan

Japan celebrates for two days in Yoyogi Park. Thousands of people attend the event and learn about various companies that promote sustainability, as well as participate in various fun family activities.

4. India

In India, people are encouraged to wear green to promote Earth Day. They also put on events that focus on protecting Asian elephants which are an endangered species.

5. United Kingdom

The United Kingdom celebrates this day by having an event that raises awareness, as well as funds, to fight climate change. This event is sponsored by a group of activists and various musicians from around the world.

6. Spain

Spain holds a 24-hour gathering called the Global Unity and Regeneration Gathering. It includes presentations and workshops that teach people to protect the environment.

7. Switzerland

One of the primary schools in Switzerland, The International School of Geneva, holds a green sale where people around the country can help raise funds to plant trees on their school grounds.

8. South Africa

They host Earth Expo, which presents various educational forums on topics like climate change, technology, and sustainable nutrition.

9. Australia

Sydney, the capital city, hosts four nature walks where experts talk about the various trees, plants, animals, and insects seen around them on the trail.

10. San Francisco

This city stages a street festival to celebrate Earth Day at the San Francisco Civic Center. This event includes DIY workshops, various activities for kids, live music, an art gallery, and an eco-fashion show.


Earth is our only home, and it is our responsibility to protect our planet as much as we can. This planet provides us with everything necessary for life to continue and grow, but its resources are limited and are now getting dangerously low.

With rapid industrialization, deforestation, climate change, pollution, and growing consumption of natural resources, our earth’s ecosystem is seriously damaged. Celebrating this day serves as a reminder that we need to do everything we can to protect this planet against the impending issue of global warming and strive towards the need for sustainable living to achieve a greener economy.

We need to celebrate Earth Day not just today, but everyday!

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