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GBRI Climate Change Ambassador Program: Empowering Minds, Inspiring Change

Start Your Sustainability Journey Today & Become a Certif ied Climate Change Ambassador
From environmental to social impacts, climate change is changing more than the global temperature! Climate change affects not just our planet but also the fabric of our society—altering everything from individual well-being to ecosystem health.

Taking action starts with gaining comprehensive knowledge!

In response to valuable feedback, the GBRI Climate Change Core Committee has diligently worked to enhan ce and expand our course offerings. We are excited to unveil the latest version of our program: the Climate Change Ambassador Program v3.0. This revamped program features a tiered badging system, meticulously designed to foster continuous learning and inspire impactful action.

Whether you’re an absolute beginner or a committed environmental advocate, this program offers a curated set of resources to elevate your understanding, progress steadily and enable you to act as a true ambassador for the planet


Level 0 - Trailblazer

For those who are getting started in learning more about climate change and wants to make a difference.


Level 1 - Warrior

For those who are passionate about sustainability and getting started with climate change education.


Level 2 - Champion

For those who are championing the cause and continuing to educate themselves on mitigation efforts.


Level 3 - Ambassador

For those who are taking their efforts to the next level by advocating for change.

Why Join the Climate Change Ambassador Program V3.0?

Comprehensive CE Fulfillment:

Comprehensive CE Fulfillment:

Complete all your AIA, LEED, and WELL Continuing Education (CE) requirements while earning a Climate Change Ambassador certificate.

Enhanced Career Prospects:

Boost your resume with credentials that demonstrate a commitment to sustainability and climate action, a valuable asset for a ‘Green Career.’

Foundational Knowledge

Gain a solid understanding of climate science, equipping you to participate in informed discussions about climate change.

Network with Like-Minded Individuals:

Join a community of professionals and advocates dedicated to combating climate change, expanding your network and collaborative .

Personal Empowerment:

Acquire the tools and knowledge to make more sustainable choices in your daily life, contributing to broader climate action initiatives.

Who is this Program For?

Broad Audience

Suitable for anyone with an interest in climate change, sustainability, and environmental stewardship

Engineers and Architects
Professionals in the building and design sectors who wish to integrate sustainable practices into their projects.
Building Professionals

Those involved in construction,facility management, and real estate who aim to make a key focus.

Teachers and Educators
Equip yourself with the knowledge to incorporate sustainability and climate science into your curriculum.
LEED, AIA, and WELL Professionals
Ideal for maintaining your credentials while deepening your understanding of climate issues, as the program offers CE credits.
Perfect for individuals looking to transition into sustainability-focused roles or sectors.
Provides foundational knowledge beneficial for those studying environmental sciences or related fields.
Corporate Leaders and Policy Makers
Acquire the insights necessary to make informed decisions around sustainability and climate action for your organization or jurisdiction.

How GBRI'S climate change ambassador program works?

GBRI’s Climate Change Ambassador Program V3.0 is an innovative journey designed to transform your understanding of climate change and sustainability. This program is a dynamic blend of core courses, optional electives, and insightful blogs, structured to provide a comprehensive yet flexible learning experience. Here’s how it unfolds:
Structured Learning Path

 Foundation Level (Level Zero – Trailblazer): Begin your journey with free foundational courses.
Whether it’s attending a live GBRI Climate Change event or engaging with our introductory article
course, “Climate Change & You: From Global Causes to Personal Solutions,” you’ll start to unravel
the complexities of climate change. Completing this level earns you the ‘Trailblazer Badge’.

Progressive Levels (Warrior, Champion, Ambassador): As you progress, the program deepens
with structured levels, each with a curated set of courses. These levels are designed to expand your
knowledge and skills progressively, moving from basic concepts to more nuanced aspects of climate
change and sustainability.

Complementary Blogs and Articles

Bridging Gaps: The program includes a series of blogs and articles that complement our core
courses. These pieces cover a wide range of topics, offering perspectives and insights that might be
beyond the scope of formal coursework.

Interactive and Reflective Learning

 Engagement and Reflection: Each course includes interactive elements like quizzes and
discussions. We also encourage you to reflect on your learning journey, linking course content to real
world applications.

Earning Your Badges

 Recognition of Achievement: Upon completing each level’s requirements, you earn a badge –
Trailblazer, Warrior, Champion, or Ambassador. These badges are not just symbols of knowledge but
also your growing commitment to making a difference in the world of sustainability.

Flexibility and Accessibility

 Tailored Learning Journey: The Climate Change Ambassador Program offers two pathways to
suit your learning style and schedule. You can embark on our structured 21-day challenge, designed
to maximize engagement and learning within a set timeframe, with each level spanning 7 days.
Alternatively, you can choose to progress at your own pace, delving into the courses and materials as
it suits you.
Participant-Centric Approach: Whether you opt for the 21-day challenge or prefer a self
paced journey, each approach ensures a rich learning experience. We understand that every
participant’s journey is unique, and our program is designed to accommodate this diversity.

Climate Change Ambassador Booklet

Package Courses

Mindfulness, Meditation and Sustainability: What is the Connection?

Mindfulness, Meditation and Sustainability: What is the Connection?

Join us as we explore this topic through an article and an audio conversation between Jeslin Varghese and Paulina Marinkovic.

Program Tuition Fees

Climate Change Ambassador Program 3.0

$ 199
  • Access to the Climate Change Ambassador Program


Ideal for life-time learners with access to all our courses
$ 349 Yearly
  • Access to the Climate Change Ambassador Program + LEED & WELL Exam Prep + 250+ Courses
Best Value

Questions And Answers

All courses under this program are eligible for continuing education (CE) credits.  However please check the requirements of your board/credential before purchasing. Audio-Visual Courses will be automatically reported by GBRI, articles will need to be self-reported. 

All courses under Levels 1, 2, and 3 of the program are approved by GBCI and AIA. These packages are eligible for 12, 13, and 12.5 hours and can be auto-reported and/or self-reported.

GBRI works with small, medium and large office groups. Please call us at 210-858-7783  or email [email protected] for a group rate.  

GBRI is in the process of creating multiple certification programs in 2022. Please check here for updates.

Yes! Our Climate Change Curated CE Bundle will provide you with the general and LEED or WELL specific hours needed to maintain your credential. Explore our curated CE bundles here.

GBRI will be offering 2 instructor programs. Please check here for more information.

Yes, you can share all your badges on social media. Upon completion of each level, you will earn the Warrior badge for level 1, Champion Badge for Level 2, and Ambassador Badge for Level 3. 

Yes, in order to become an Ambassador, you will have to complete Level 1 (Warrior) and Level 2 (Champion).

Yes. A link to your badge can be shared with anyone on social media or by email.

The amount of time it will take to complete each badge will vary. You should dedicate at least 7 hours for a Climate Change Warrior badge, 9 hours for a Climate Change Champion badge (in addition to the time it takes to earn a Warrior badge), and 10.5 hours for a Climate Change Ambassador badge (in addition to the time it takes to earn a Warrior & Champion badge).

Climate Change Leaderboard

Climate Change Leaderboard

# Avatar Name badges Climate Change Points
1 nandhinee-vkcaad-ac-in 5 1370
2 Abhilash Pusapally 5 1100
3 Revathi Sreekumar 4 1070
4 Naveen Djegadissane 4 1070
5 Ateet Singh 4 1040
6 Samyukta Vijay 4 1030
7 XAVIER 6 970
8 Mohamed Fendi 5 940
9 nehro.ali 2 930
10 Meera Mohan 4 920

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