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Earth Hour: What Is It And How Can You Support It?

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Earth Hour

Earth Hour is a worldwide movement organized by the World Wide Fund for nature. It is celebrated yearly on the last Saturday of March at 8:30 pm. This movement was started to raise worldwide awareness for two imminent dangers to our planet- climate change and nature loss. Our planet is our life support. As the population grows and technology advances, our demands grow which leads to more habitat loss and the growth of climate change. If we aren’t mindful this will slowly lead to the destruction of all living beings and eventually our planet. Therefore, it is so important to celebrate this day as a reminder to make small, realistic changes in our lifestyle that can help lead to the healing of our planet.

Millions of people across the world have shown their support for this movement by switching off their lights at their place of work or home for one hour. This movement was first started by WWF in Sydney and slowly spread to other countries. India observed its first Earth Hour across 58 cities in 2009 and over the years it has slowly spread to other cities as well with thousands of people participating by turning off their lights every year!

As the world slowly emerges and recovers from a global pandemic this year’s Earth Hour is more important than ever. Not only do we need to show support for our beloved planet but turn our words into actions as well.

Ways You Can Show Your Support For Earth Hour
Save Earth! There’s no planet B

Here Are Some Of The Ways You Can Show Your Support Today & Every Day:

1. Speak Up

Talk about the issues that our planet is facing among your family, friends, and social networks. Everyone is so immersed in their own lives that they sometimes forget about what is going on around the world. Help remind them by writing an email and sharing posts or videos on your social media.

2. Small changes

Start making small changes in your lifestyle.

Switching off the fans when you are not in a room, turning off the tap when you are brushing your teeth, not using plastic bags or plastic straws, choosing vegan-friendly food at least once a week, using less water to wash your clothes in the washing machine, replacing your incandescent lightbulbs with fluorescent lightbulbs, and fixing leaky faucets are just some small changes that can be made to help save our planet.

3. Inspire others to take action

You can inspire others to act by doing small deeds yourself to help protect our planet. Talk to your family, mail carrier, neighbor and find realistic ways you can show your support.

4. Showing the world you care

You can show the world you care by signing petitions or sharing an online pledge so that others can see how sincerely invested you are in the future of our planet.

You can help spread the word and gain mass support on these impending issues showing world leaders they cannot ignore these issues anymore. Please visit the WWF website to check out various actions you can take and petitions you can sign.


Earth Hour is celebrated to remind us all that we are not alone. All of us can come together to bring positive changes and slowly try to reverse the damage we have caused to our planet. Remember small changes can add up to big climate results!




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