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Project Controls

Project schedule updating: Tips and Mishaps

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CPM schedules have to be built in a professional and meticulous way because they are important yardstick to measure performance, and also because they are part of the contract documents that may be used and challenged in the court. However, while starting with the right foot is a must, keeping these schedules updated accurately; reflecting reality on the ground (as-built) is an equal must. There are many important hints for the scheduler and project manager to pay attention to, when updating the schedule. This seminar will shed some light on some of these hints such as:

• Importance and frequency of updating,
• type of information to be collected with a focus on “remaining duration”,
• types of percent complete and methods of measuring them,
• schedule updating the progress payment cycle,
• updating notes,
• handling change orders,
• updating from general contractor versus owner’s perspective,
• storing and archiving schedules,
• the schedule update and the summary report
• a glimpse of Earned Value Management method

This presentation will be a quick and panoramic view of the process with the purpose of focusing on key topics and issues. It is important not only for planners and schedulers, but for the entire project management team as well as owners, engineers, architects, and attorneys.

Saleh Mubarak

Consultant, author, Public speaker, and Trainer in Construction Project Management for Independent Consultant

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