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Probing over process Transcending traditional paradigms to innovate in the control environment

Probing over process: Transcending traditional paradigms to innovate in the control environment

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What if we were to see manual processes as opportunities for digital business solutions? What if we could innovate in the control environment to streamline existing processes? What if we could ensure that compliance and governance are upheld, control is maintained, while also enabling innovation and collaboration?

We have a pivotal role to play in the future of infrastructure, and one facet of this is the future-proofing of project controls on megaprojects. In this presentation we will step through a simple framework that can be applied to move from problems to possibilities.

For those looking to transcend traditional project control paradigms, we will adopt a systems-thinking lens to consider how you can be an infrastructure innovator.

Learn the difference between process improvement and innovation, and how the latter requires us to prioritize probing over process. Learn how you too can overcome innovation barriers in a megaproject control environment.

Jessie will share her insights from working in change control and risk management, and how to see traditional control structures as an opportunity for digital solutions.

Jessica Schilling

Management Consultant for HKA

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