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Key success factors for setting-up a Portfolio Management Office (PMO) in remote working conditions

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Gain insight into the key enablers required to successfully set-up a portfolio management office in remote working conditions, for a major capital delivery client with business spread across multiple geographical locations.

The thirst for innovation and continuous improvement in the capital programme and portfolio space is even more acute now, as businesses across the world are calibrating their response to the global pandemic, searching for new ways of working across remote teams and embracing new, out-of-the-box digital solutions, that bring people together to shape successful outcomes.

In this case study, we will focus one of our recent engagements with a global capital delivery client, who requested support to set-up and implement a Portfolio Management Office as an essential part of a strategic drive to:

Establish a common vision across the leadership team on how the capital portfolio is delivered and operated, in the current climate;
Present a clear definition of how the controls & performance function(s) will bring value to the delivery business;
Design an organisational structure that enables efficient ways of working across functions and provides sustainable organisational development of all team members;
Embed an effective governance model that provides assurance and manages performance at all levels;
Set-up a standard approach for developing and controlling the performance measurement baselines and general application of project controls and change management;
Increase confidence in the data reported by the supply chain and assure performance;
Enhance the decision-making capability of stakeholders through insightful performance reporting;

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