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Implementing Project Controls on Victoria’s Largest Infrastructure Project.

Implementing Project Controls on Victoria’s Largest Infrastructure Project.

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The data relating to Megaproject performance is rarely positive and can be reflective to a large extent of the scale, complexity, risk and stakeholder conflicting interests associated with these ventures.

Project management has become a very broad field of study and practice. The profession is well supported globally by public and private organisations, academia, many associations and institutes and anchored in ever developing standards, practices and guidelines.

The practice of project controls is beginning to emerge out of the wide-ranging areas of project management, focused specifically on project performance and control. Over the last five years, there has been a noticeable increase in the importance of the practice in Megaprojects, with larger investment in the people, process and technology required to support the function and the wider project.

This conversation will focus on how to implement project controls on a Megaproject using the North East Link as a live example. It will include discussions on the barriers and challenges as well as the successful outcomes, aimed at providing an insight to the industry in a lessons learnt context.

Cameron Mills 

Director of Project Controls for North East Link Project

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