Digital Transformation for Project Intense Organisations

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Ivor Barbrook 
· Published on:July 21, 2021

Ivor’s presentation focuses on BAM Nuttall’s digital construction journey and their path taken over the past five years from project use of new software to the present business focused LEAN management systems. As an experienced planner, understanding that if you fail to prepare then you are prepared to fail is a strong adage, not to be forgotten in regard to planning for how to bring together people, process and technology. It applies in a world of 3D design, 4D programming and 5D commercials where preparations for delivery can be established virtually, in a build it before you build it environment. The foundation to all this is the common data environments, the warehouse of information, managed as a single source of truth. LoadSpring is a key partner within that foundation.

Ivor Barbrook 

Head of Digital Construction and Planning for BAM Nuttall Ltd

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