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Demystifying Embodied Energy

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One of the seemingly more mysterious concepts in building green is embodied energy. What is it, and do green building rating systems recognize and account for embodied energy? In reality, it is not that difficult to define it, but measuring it is infinitely more complex. The basic premise is that sustainability measures should include all energy consumed to produce the building or project, and that includes the energy to extract raw materials like minerals and convert them to products like cement, building stones, sheet rock, and paint. In other words, Embodied energy considers energy consumed from the point of removing raw materials from the earth to the final disposal of materials not used or removed from the site or existing building.

This course demystifies embodied energy and identifies what you need to know before sourcing materials for green building projects. The course also reviews how LEED v4 addresses embodied energy, and especially in the Materials and Resources section.

What you will learn

  1. Understand the concept and principles of embodied energy
  2. Analyze materials based on Embodied energy and LCA
  3. Embodied energy and project life cycle
  4. LEED v4’s connection with embodied energy and LCA

2 thoughts on “Demystifying Embodied Energy”


    Curso muy recomendable para tener unas nociones básicas sobre el análisis del ciclo de vida de materiales y edificios y su relación con aspectos como el consumo energético y las emisiones de carbono. Explicaciones claras y concisas e información útil para poder ampliar conocimientos en esta materia.
    Highly recommended course to have basic notions about the analysis of the life cycle of materials and buildings and its relationship with aspects such as energy consumption and carbon emissions. Clear and concise explanations and useful information to expand knowledge on this subject.

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