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Business Integrated (P3M) Governance (BIG)

Business Integrated (P3M) Governance (BIG)

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Business Integrated (P3M) Governance (BIG) is the model that connects from opportunities, threats, imperatives, and goals that main boards face, to objectives, targets and challenges handed over to the Change Portfolio(s), Products and Operations Groups. Delivered through products, programmes and projects with business support and assurance, in the context of management teams (operating the business, providing resources and realising benefits) and of finance (ensuring investments are good, performance is acceptable and that key business interests are protected).

Underpinning this is a clear governance framework that aligns “run” and “change” the business. It needs data and that requires people, process, and technology. It also requires business support to enable that to happen effectively.

It is often the case that PMOs can see the need for business support, but their position in the organisation, scale and reputation may present barriers to developing a “bottom up” business case for business support. They may face parochialism, and lack of appetite to adopt a coordinated, integrated business support service with perhaps greater independence.

However, the business case for BIG is much more compelling with the very powerful message of strategy attainment, business agility, effectiveness and efficiency.

The question is, can a PMO put the message and provide outcome from that leadership? In doing so, it will increase its role, escalate its importance and step-change value to the organisation. What will that message contain…..?

David Dunning

Founder for Chase Management Services

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