Are you a ShapeShifter? How to build amazing project teams that recognize and embrace diversity in thinking and approach

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Paul Major 
·Published on:August 4, 2021

    We often say that projects are about people, but how much time do we spend understanding what makes people behave the way they do? And how do we build project teams that work amazingly well together and in a Covid world – remotely as well?

    This session will use some of the latest insights into human psychology to explore in an interactive, engaging and easily understandable way how personality influences the success of a project.

    Why is this important? Projects are unique in the business world in that the role we play in a project often changes as the project progresses. For example, at times we will need to be creative and imaginative whilst other times will require a detail orientation or a focus on results and getting the job done. This change in the way we have to think and behave rarely occurs to the same degree in line management roles, even at senior levels.

    One of the enduring skills of a project professional, therefore, is to understand how to flex their thinking and approach to address the changing needs of the project – to become a ShapeShifter.

    This session will help attendees to understand their own preferences for how they think and process information as well as providing tips on how they can modify this approach as circumstance demands.

    It will also provide insights into how you can assess how others see the world differently and, equipped with this information, how project professionals can rapidly build rapport with others and create amazingly powerful project teams based on embracing diversity in thinking and approach.

    Paul Major 

    Director for Changemaker

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