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Simon Fraser University (SFU) recently expanded its campus in Surrey, British Columbia (Canada) by introducing a $126 million new building dedicated to sustainable energy engineering. The new building will accommodate over 400 new full-time student spaces and sits adjacent to the current SFU campus at Surrey’s Central City Mall. Premier John Horgan told an audience at the official […]

In the month of March, Portugal generated enough renewable energy to meet the entire nation’s power requirements. This new record is proof of the fact that the country is quite serious about meeting its goal of becoming a carbon neutral nation by 2040. The national grid operator said that Portugal’s average renewable generation exceeded 103% […]

Catherine Mitchell, a professor of energy policy at the University of Exeter, says that fewer number of women holding key positions in energy companies is slowing down the sector’s transition to a lower-carbon energy system. According to her, gender imbalance in the industry means reluctance to accept new ideas, particularly ones related to switching to […]

Germany has often impressed the world with its achievements in the renewable energy sector. The country’s latest achievement has broken yet another renewable energy record – a third of Germany’s electricity requirements in 2017 were met by clean power. Preliminary data from the Association of Energy and Water Industries shows that renewable electricity generation grew […]