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There is much being written about how buildings can be a big part of the solutions to truly sustainable cities and a big part of this claim hinges on their perceived ability to deliver not only net carbon zero or positive outcomes but other essential ecosystem services as well. But how much is pie-in-the-sky and […]

ZNE, EO, NZEB, GBRI…Don’t we love acronyms? In the building design and construction industry there is an endless supply of them, and eventually they roll off the tongue of architects, engineers, and construction managers like water rushing downstream after a rainfall. Two of the energy acronyms related to sustainability that are heard more frequently today […]

Chances are you might have come across the term “Zero Energy Building” quite a few times in recent years. The reason behind this is that as the world is grappling to cope with climate change and global warming, every industry is looking to minimize its emissions and shift to renewable energy. This is particularly true […]

Man has been exploiting Mother Earth for natural resources since forever. Till now, it seemed as if the amount of natural resources on our planet was unlimited.  But not anymore! Due to man’s insatiable greed for energy and resources, the time has come that we on the verge of running out of essential resources with […]

As we all strive for a better future for ourselves and our loved ones, we must now focus on maintaining a healthy environment.  We could all do a little.  Even if it is just making an extra trip to the recycle center or kitting out your home with the latest solar power technology, every little helps.  […]