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10 Things to Getting Started with Minimalism

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10 Things to Getting Started with Minimalism

By Daniel/ March 24, 2021

Minimalism is a movement that focuses on leading a more purposeful and intentional life. You refrain from making unnecessary purchases and cluttering your life by only keeping the things that make you happy and content. If you’ve been curious about joining in, here are the top 10 things you should do to get started with minimalism!

1. Create Your Plan
The most important step for getting started with minimalism is to know your why. There’s no point in joining a movement if you don’t even know your reasons for it. Take the time to consider your purpose in life, what you want to achieve, and the type of life you want to live. Figure out what is important to you. Having clearly laid-out goals will help you stay focused and inspired. You don’t need to create a detailed plan with a full-on mission statement–just some bullet points
or quick notes to get you in the right headspace!


2. Smaller Areas First
When you begin your minimalism journey, you are most likely going to start with decluttering your home. However, it is so easy to feel discouraged when you have piles of items to sift through. To avoid procrastination, start with the smaller areas in your house first. Many people choose to purge their closets before their offices, but everyone is different. It is best, to begin with the room and items that you feel less attached to. If you have a hard time letting go of your books, then address those last! You’ll find that decluttering becomes easier, and you get better at it as you go along. Leave the hard tasks, whether sentimental items or large rooms, for the end when you’re more determined and up for it.

3. Get Rid of Duplicates
If you have a hard time starting the decluttering process, go through your home and get rid of any duplicates you might have. So many people are worried about the “what ifs”–what if I need this random item in three weeks (even though I never even use it now)? We all tend to be afraid of throwing something away just in case we need it later. If you have duplicates, though, you don’t have to worry! You’ll still be able to hold on to the item; you just don’t need more than one. It is a great method to getting started with minimalism without feeling like you are losing all of your things.

4. Capsule Wardrobes
You might have already heard of the infamous capsule wardrobe–just think Steve Jobs and his turtleneck! The idea is that you simplify your closet and only keep the clothes you enjoy wearing and pair well together. Most have a color palette and theme, typically as black, white, and navy or beiges. These capsules allow you to mix-and-match your pieces and get a greater total number of outfit options. You can dress with less when you utilize a capsule wardrobe. They also streamline your decision-making process. You won’t spend hours standing in front of your packed closet wondering what to wear when you only have a limited number of choices.
Billionaires like Steve Jobs and Mark Zuckerberg are famous for wearing the same style outfit every single day. They claimed that it reduced their time spent getting ready and conserved their mental energy later in the day. Decision-fatigue is a real thing!

5. Simplify Your Meals
A great way to get started with minimalism is your diet! Sometimes life can get so hectic and stressful, especially when you need to plan your meals and grocery shopping. When you simplify your meals, you take less time in the store or the kitchen!

6. Create a Routine
Start setting up good habits to get yourself in a productive routine. It can be difficult to motivate yourself to clean your home, so try and make it a normal habit that you clean as you go. You  could also try the 15-minute clean, where you spend only fifteen minutes before bed tidying up your living area. You don’t need to deep-clean anything–just make it neat to help future-you.

7. Make a Budget
Most minimalists joined the movement to stop their excessive purchases and save money. They all started with a budget! Create a detailed outline of your monthly spendings so you can see where you need to cut back. If you have a financial goal in mind, it becomes even easier.

8. Buy Experiences
Minimalism fights against the idea that you purchase happiness from a department store. Instead of bringing another item into your home, buy experiences and create memories! Travel, hang out with friends, visit museums, or take up a hobby. You will feel much more fulfilled when you spend money on experiences rather than material things.

9. Set Rules

The only way you’ll ever get started with minimalism is if you set rules for yourself. Creating rules is different than creating a plan–decide how you’re going to get involved in the movementand downsize. Hold yourself accountable and see where you need to put in more work. Don’t be hard on yourself, but keep track of what you do! Try out the 6-months lose-it, use-it technique: pay attention to your belongings and see which of them you actually use in a period of sixmonths. If you don’t, then it needs to go!

10. Organize, Organize, Organize!
One of the hardest aspects of minimalism is the need for organization. Sometimes it’s hard to put items away immediately instead of just tossing them in a drawer! The organization is key to getting started with this lifestyle, though. Put in some effort to go through your home and find ways to minimize your items and maximize your arrangement. Focus on keeping multi-use items and separating things by categories.

There you have it! Hopefully, these 10 tips inspired you to get started on your minimalism journey today. Let us know in the comments which ones you’re going to try first! Remember, there are no rules to this movement–you decide what minimalism looks like in your life. Find what makes you happy and get rid of anything that doesn’t. Join the conversation with our community and share your own experience with minimalism! Happy decluttering!

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