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WELLopedia v2 Movement, Thermal Comfort & Sound Concepts

WELLopedia v2: Movement, Thermal Comfort & Sound Concepts

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Gain a comprehensive understanding of how the Movement, Thermal Comfort, and Sound concepts within the WELL Building Standard v2 impact occupant health, well-being, and productivity, and discover strategies to create indoor spaces that support optimal movement, provide comfortable thermal conditions, and ensure a peaceful acoustic environment.

Throughout this course, we will go though the Movement, Thermal Comfort & Sound concepts within the WELL Building Standard v2. You will gain an in-depth understanding of how environmental design, policies, and programs can promote physical activity, enhance acoustical comfort, and optimize thermal conditions to support occupant health and well-being. Through a practical exploration of these features within a real-world project, you will gain the understanding needed to effectively incorporate Movement, Thermal Comfort & Sound concepts into your own building endeavors.

This course is also part of GBRI’s WELLopedia Series: The ins and outs of the WELL Building Standard v2. This course can be taken stand-alone or as part of our series depending on your interest and credential maintenance requirements.

What you will learn

  1. Discuss the role of physical activity in indoor spaces and its impact on health.
  2. Understand the importance of thermal conditions for occupant comfort and satisfaction.
  3. Explore techniques to optimize thermal comfort through building design and systems.
  4. Understand the effects of acoustical comfort on occupant well-being and performance.
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