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WELLopedia V2: The ins and outs of the WELL Building Standard V2

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Get an in-depth understanding of the WELL building standard as GBRI instructors analyze each feature within the WELL building standard v2 including exploring the WELL certification process through the lens of an actual WELL registered project.

Welcome to GBRI’s WELLOPEDIA v2. Through this course series, you will get an in-depth understanding of the WELL building registration, and certification process, roles and responsibilities, design charette, features (pre-conditions and optimizations) within each WELL Concept and requirements to earn WELL features as it relates to all space types addressed by WELL building standard version 2. Complete the course series and earn GBRI’s Wellness Ambassador badge that you can proudly display on your Linkedin profile.

What you will learn

  1. Understand the WELL Certification process
  2. Understand the importance of each WELL concept
  3. Identify WELL Features within each WELL concept
  4. Identify and analyze pre-conditions and optimizations within WELL concepts
  5. Learn the requirements to earn each precondition and optimization within the WELL building standard
  6. Identify and understand the ways WELL and Green Building Rating systems like LEED Complement each other.

**Tailored to your needs and based on valuable feedback regarding our previous lengthy courses, we’ve thoughtfully segmented these modules. The entire series is worth 11.5 CE hours, but each individual module has its own designated CE allotment and associated course assessment. This design makes it more convenient for students to digest the information in manageable sections while still earning their much-desired CE credits. This approach ensures a smoother, more accessible learning experience for everyone.**


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