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Standardisation and Transferability of Project Control Competence

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The capital projects industry is facing a crossroads. Global drive towards decarbonization and the continued need to provide carbon neutral utilities to a growing population means that capital projects are needed more than ever. However, the drivers for delivering projects that can realize all of the expected benefits at cost and to schedule are different. We need to be more cost conscious as profits will not be the main driver. To achieve this we must ensure we can transfer the skills needed to deliver these capital projects and standardization of project control competences, qualifications and training will be as important ever. However, there’s a slight twist; what is the role of the planner or cost engineer in ensuring we can deliver projects to meet the requirements of Circular Economy. The ECITB will provide some solutions around standardization while posing questions about sustainability.

Andy Verone

Global Vice President for Oracle Construction and Engineering

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