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Moving Towards Agile Project Delivery for Large Infrastructure Projects

Moving Towards Agile Project Delivery for Large Infrastructure Projects

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Choosing the right life-cycle approach (linear, iterative, hybrid, agile or waterfall) is key to effective benefits management. However most infrastructure projects are still delivered via linear Waterfall approach of design, build, test and commission, e.g. FEED (Front-End Engineering Design) and Pre-FEED. As companies emerge from lock-down traditional waterfall planning and delivery practices are giving way to Agile practices and digital transformation. PMOs strongly rooted in waterfall planning and delivery must transition to strategic portfolio planning. The redefinition of the integration between Project Controls and Benefits Management will help companies to prepare for the “new-normal” to changes existing commercial arrangements, operating and risk management procedures through an integrated approach to Suppliers.

The session will look at how PMOs can go further and be a driver of transformation. We will ask the question whether Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe) can be used to scale Agile to large programs of work that are not software related. We will look at how Agile PMOs can help Project Managers follow an iterative development approach to planning and delivery. To do this, PMOs themselves will need to adapt to this ever-changing dynamic to be able to keep up with shorter delivery cycles and shifting priorities. Projects can then be driven by agile teams that use continuous feedback loops to adjust their course and make incremental deliveries.

We will look at how the PMO can support Agile project delivery and how the PMO can support overall business agility to adopt some of the Agile mindset. The role of Sponsors will change to support this Agile delivery by measuring benefits and value being delivered and shifting focus from gateway methodology-driven project execution.

As self-managing teams progress with delivery, how do changes and variations get approved? Similarly, how do the processes for risk draw-down need to change to allow project teams to be more nimble and the Project Manager to respond to day-to-day basis without escalation?

See how best practices can still be adopted under your existing project governance, using hybrid portfolios including both Waterfall and Agile delivery reporting.

Sachin Melwani 

Managing Director for DADA Enterprises

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